Saxton Awards 11.2.22

Rainbow and Values Awards


Rainbow Awards:

Ben Bososmorth - for Phonics/spellings and using his knowledge in his writing.

Martha Bosomworth - for her team leader skills in Science during our investigations.

Iris O'Neill - for meeting last week's target of always making good choices.


Values Awards (Respect):

Maisie Bird, Marley Hirst and Gracie Goodbarn - For always making good choices in school (our school target this week).

Rainbow Awards:

Ava Batley - For all of your hard work in reading and maths, Mrs Payne and Mr Rich have been amazed by your work this week! Keep up the great work!


Rainbow Awards:

Bryce Hirst (From Mr Rich) - For your super contributions in music, we are considering calling you 'The Fresh Prince of Saxton' after your rapping skills.

Ivy Hawkins and George Wilton - for demonstrating an enthusiastic and hard-working attitude in every lesson but especially in reading and maths where you show great independence. You have produced some fabulous work this week and made some valuable contributions to class discussions. Thank you!

Freddy Forshaw - for a beautifully presented and well-written answer about what the 'caged bird' represents in the poem 'The Caged Bird Sings' by Maya Angelou. You showed a fantastic understanding of this extended metaphor and put a huge effort into your piece of work about it. Well done!