5 questions you should ask

before hiring a temp placement company in Miami?

Are you the owner of a small or medium local business looking for temp employees without success? If yes then this article should prove helpful to fulfill your quest. After the financial crisis in 2010 the temporary staffing industry has grown very fast. These are difficult times and every small or medium business is looking to cut down a budget that’s why demand for temporary recruitment has shot up. Below are some of the questions you should ask to local recruiters before hiring them.

How long have they been in business?

This is the first and the foremost question you should ask any staffing agency without blinking an eye. The longer an agency has been in business the more experience it will have. Plus it will also have much larger database of candidates with extensive contacts in the industry providing you with fast and reliable solutions.

What sort of clients have they worked with?

This is the second most important question. If a recruitment firm has extensive experience in construction industry and you are a pizza maker looking for a delivery boy how can that agency help you? The bottom line is you need to know if the staffing agency you want to hire has worked with clients belonging to your industry or not.

What is their work flow like?

This is very important question since it will reveal to you the way a placement company works. You most certainly don’t want to work with a firm with inadequate manpower because overworked staff doesn’t tend to give its best. Chances are you will end up with third rate temp employees further culminating your problems.

What are their payment terms?

Most of the staffing agencies work on performance basis; they will charge you only after you have hired a candidate. Some companies will charge on hourly rates (though it’s rare); you should avoid working with such companies because there are always disputes over the final cost.

Do they offer replacement guarantee?

Imagine you are buying a flat screen, the first question you will ask a vendor is about the guarantee period, am I right? If that’s the case then why should it be any different in case of a placement company in Miami? In fact it is a standard practice to offer replacement guarantee of a candidate you have hired. The guarantee period ranges from few weeks to one year. I wouldn’t work with a company not offering guarantee as it may live you with incompetent employees hampering your productivity.

Local businesses find it economical to work with temp placement companies in Miami to fulfill unexpected demand, to fill short term vacancies, to fill seasonal positions and manage employees during restructuring and/or mergers. Whatever may be the reason, seeking the help of a professional local recruitment agency is a wise decision none the less. Secondly temp recruitment allows employers to test the candidates for permanent positions.

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