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Educreations -

Why is this technology useful in the classroom?

The students and teacher can communicate, the student can go at his or her own pace, and the student can track his or her progress. It also allows a student who is sick to do the work at home while they are sick. It is like a version of D2L.

How does the tool or app work?

The teacher can make lessons on this app, and the students can access it as long as they have the app. They can do the lesson one time or multiple times. The students can view other student's work. It also lets students do their work from home for homework or for make up work if they miss class.

What particular Common Core standards would this technology address?

GLE 0507.Inq.4 Identify and interpret simple patterns of evidence to communicate the findings of multiple investigations.

The teacher develops a lesson on the app, and the students will finish the lesson. Then the teacher will let students look at each other's work so the students will be able to "identify and interpret simple patterns of evidence" in is or her work. It allows the students to see how everyone else did the work and see if they were right, wrong, or undecided.