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Sunday, January 31st, 2016

Welcome to Random Acts of Kindness Month!

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Notes for the Week

All Week Long

School Counseling Week! Pump up the Random Acts of Kindness! WOOT WOOT!

  • 2-1/Monday-Stuco elections for next year's officers, 6th Grade Girls' Basketball Intramurals begin! (permission slip below)
  • 2-5/Friday-Stuco BLOOD DRIVE! Please consider donating to help the American Red Cross. You can sign up early at the link below:

Daily Announcements

WIN Time Switch

We will begin a new WIN time this Wednesday. Students will receive extra help as needed in classes and enrichment opportunities if they have mastered class standards. Class assignments will be given on Tuesday for the new round of WIN. This round of WIN will continue through spring break. WIN time is flexible so that students can move as needed to get what they need. So, if a student is struggling and needs extra help in math, but then catches up, they will be moved to a different class. Vice versa, if a student is in enrichment and begins to struggle in a class, they will be moved to get that extra help. The goal is to meet the needs of all learners through WIN time.
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