lunar eclipes star party

science class project

lunar eclipse

the weather will be good on may,25,2013 to watch the lunar eclipse.we will be able to see the lunar eclipse on may,25, only can see the lunar eclipse once in a while.this is a very special moment for all!if you want to take pictures you have to turn off the flash because if you don't turn off your flash their will be flashes everywhere.


the place is in spring field vermont on may,25,2013 this is where the lunar eclipse is going to be.

guarenteed to be very interesting and fun for everyone


how often to we see the special sighting?

whats so great about a star party?

when its night what is the first thing we have to do?

how many people participate in the star party a year?

Lunar Eclipse 2011 Amazing! Next Lunar Eclipse Video Will turn moon BLOOD RED like this!!