United States Representative

The Qualifications for the U.S. House of Representatives

Personal Qualities

In order to become a representative, a person needs to be of certain standards. This person must be 25 years of age, be a citizen for at least 7 years and live in their elected state. These requirements are in place to make sure that the person is at least experienced and wise enough to hold the position.

How can I become a Representative?

In order for a person to become a representative for their state, they need to be elected by the people in their state. This is to make sure that the people are happy with who is representing them. Once elected, the person serves a 2 year term. There is not a designated amount of terms that a representative can serve.

Some Other United States Government Officials

Helping the United States every step of the way.

What does a Representative do?

There are responsibilities that a representative must live up to. They must pass bills, start all revenue bills, have sole power of impeachment and select a president if necessary. Representatives deal with the money so that there is an understanding of how the economy is going, on a deeper level than just a city or country government. The bills are all started in the House because that way there is more opinions on the subject. Impeachment and presidential selection is done by the representatives so that there an opinion from more people on the issue. There may not be a lot, but there are responsibilities for a United States Representative.