Inspire Data

Improving PLC Data Discussions and Grouping Students

What is InspireData and what can it do?

InspireData is a program Rutherford County originally purchased for students to explore and understand data. Currently throughout the county, teachers are now using the program to track student data in a visual and interactive way. Teachers may now analyze and investigate student’s progress by finding the best representation for their data using various charts and graphs that can be easily manipulated.

Types of student data teachers can look at with InspireData:

  • Assessment data by grade level, teacher, subgroup or individual student.
  • Comparison of state projections and district or common formative assessments.
  • Data tracking over multiple assessments to show growth in individual teachers, students or subgroups.
  • Monitoring of subgroup data vs. non-subgroup data.

With this tool teachers are able to more effectively track student data in order to provide proper intervention and enrichment to ensure they meet the needs of ALL students.

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