Different Types of Genres

By: Jessica Hayakawa- Negrete

Realistic Fiction

In The Realistic Fiction Genre, the books are either short stories or novels that are so realistic that they make you feel like you are in the book meeting and following around the characters. They also make you feel like you are having the same tragedy or problems as them.



The Mystery Genre, is also fiction. Where a detective, or professional solves a crime, or series crime using his/her logic reasoning.




The Thriller Genre, is a type of fiction book. This book is meant to keep the reader on his/her edge of their seat, and alert at the same time.



The Fantasy Genre, is a story that is make believe. It can’t actually happen in the real world. Commonly it involves: (magic, and supernatural things like vampires, werewolves, wizards, etc.)


Science Fiction

The Science Fiction Genre involves science and technology of the future. It can also sometimes take place in another dimension of other universe it's very futuristic , and also very fictional. Some of the books that fall under this category are; The Hunger Games Trilogy ,Divergent, Maze runner, The giver and, Enders game.



The Adventure Genre is a story that has lot of quests, missions,and obstacles. The purpose of the quest is to retrieve something save something or find something. Like buried treasure, or seeking a princess, or another dimension.



In The Humor Genre, books incorporate funny text that makes the readers laugh. It is also very enjoyable according to many people. Humouros books can include; joke books, spoofs, and probably books that comedians have written themselves.

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The Romance Genre usually has something to do with love. It could also include; love at first sight, forbidden love, love triangles, and sacrifacial love. It could also be a romantic comedy book.


Historical Fiction

The Historical Fiction Genre, the settings are drawn from history, and often contains historical people. Works in this genre often portray the manners and social conditions of the people or times presented in the story, with attention paid to period detail. Historical Fiction is not read as much as other kinds of genres.



This Genre is about a story of somebody's life written by a different person. It also includes the persons goals, and their accomplishments. The person writing the other persons biography has to know the person very well.




The Autobiography Genre is also a biography. But instead of being written by another person it is written by themselves. It is nonfictional.




History or memories of something in the past that has happened to you or someone else, it explains why you thought, felt, and learned.Memoir is everything you felt written on a piece of paper.