Maverick Skim the Panthers

The Most Stressful, Most Anticipated, Most Amazing Week of High School

The anticipation was electrifying the air as we walked through the halls. It was finally that time of the year that every senior was looking forward to. The excitement thundered through the campus and we all shared secret smiles. The time we waited for was finally upon us. Homecoming.

Day 1: Peter Pan Day

Pajama day! In comfy sleepwear and fluffy slippers, we all made our way to class. It was finally that one day out of the year when wearing pj's was completely normal and preferred! I could barely contain my excitement toward the lunch fiasco. Campaigning started today and everyone was looking forward to amount of candy and goodies we were about to receive. As soon as we made it to lunch, we all sat down with our Lunch Buddies. We gave all of the class candies and shared an amazing meal full of laughter and smiles. As the end of lunch grew closer, we decided to take pictures with our Lunch Buddy, Marcos. Overall the day was beyond amazing and we all lay our heads down to sleep dreaming of the next day to come.

Day 2: Circus Day!

I entered the campus and I came face to face with a clown. Oh no! This was just like my nightmare! Slowly I backed away and turned towards the restroom. I despised those creatures full of makeup and wigs designed to make kids cry. It seemed almost cruel to bring such a costume to school. Swallowing down my fear, I exited the room and struggled the rest of the day to get by without crying out in fear. Yes, some clowns were "cute" but that didn't end the terrifying hallucination of them turning around and chasing me down. Oh, well! I silently hoped the next day would be better!

Day 3: Disney Day!

The day every girl dreams of! The day we all get to dress up like Disney princesses and it is absolutely acceptable! Unfortunately the school was testing PSAT and all the seniors were rounded into the auditorium. Time ticked away slowly for the rest of the day but the feeling of unity within the Class of 2014 grew.

Day 4: Blast to the Past!!/ Parade Day!!

Suddenly we were transported to the past. Everyone was dressed in the latest fashion... of that decade of course! From cavemen to hippies, something was undeniable, we all looked absolutely beautiful! The parade was this afternoon and I was beyond nervous. We still needed to do all the finishing touches to the NHS float and I needed to get into my Wendy costume! Everything was finally coming together!!

Day 5: Homecoming Game!

The morning started off amazingly. During the homecoming pep rally, I was given the news that our float had won 1st place!! The rest of the day we heard "Congrats!" but the nerves began to kick in as I began to get ready for the game. All the events of the entire week was leading up to that single moment. We all slowly walked towards the field. My heart was beating rapidly and I could see the nervousness and excitement present in everyone's faces and we waited for our names to called out. As the flags rose, Marco and I got a clear view of the entire bleachers and our breaths were held. The view was breathtaking. This was exactly what senior year was supposed to be. That moment would forever be engraved in my memories and heart.