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Remote Learning and Family Flexibility


Thank you so much for sharing questions, concerns, and ideas with us! We know that this is a unique situation, made more difficult because circumstances may include sharing devices, lack of materials, parents working from home, and other family matters. Please understand that our assignments may all be completed at the flexible scheduling of your choice. If there are assignments that are too difficult or lengthy for your child, please communicate with the teacher for suggestions. Likewise, if you need additional work for your child, there are links and activities on your teacher's website. Our CAMP teachers have fun, optional activities in their newsletters, too (links to CAMP and Counselor newsletters are below).

Most importantly, we understand the need for you to assist your child at a time that is convenient for your family.

  • Lone Star Teachers

    • Post assignments with support materials like instructions and videos.
    • Provide optional times throughout the week for students or parents to get support and ask questions.
    • When students submit or show work, the teacher acknowledges and provides feedback.

  • Lone Star Students

    • Follow a schedule that works best for the family.
    • Submit work as their schedule allows within a recommended time frame if teachers requests.

  • Families

    • Make schedules for their day and week.
    • Trust that teachers recognize the need for families to adapt lessons and activities to what works best for their students.

Thank you,

Catherine Bartlett


Habits at Home: Habit 6 - Value Differences

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”-Mother Teresa.

Synergy means “two heads are better than one.” When people begin to interact together genuinely, and they’re open to each other’s influence, they begin to gain new insight. The capability of inventing new approaches is greatly increased because of differences. Valuing differences is what really drives synergy.

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Nurse's Notes:

Dear Families,

We can continue to keep ourselves and families healthy and strong this next week by continuing with healthy eating, exercise, and sufficient sleep time.

The grocery stores have been a challenge lately in our normal healthy eating routines. Last week, the only meat I could buy was 10 lb bags of chicken legs and thighs or giant slabs of pork ribs. No boneless skinless chicken breasts or lean ground beef to be found. My menu plans for for my grandkids who were socially distancing in our home had to get creative. Thankfully, our 10 yr old granddaughter, Faith, loves competitive cooking and baking shows. So we made plans for a dinner challenge that included dark meat chicken parts, Ragu, and carrots . She was very proud of her creation with me as sidekick and safety assistant for hot surfaces, sharp knives and salmonella. The next time we come home with unusual ingredients from the grocery store that we are not sure what to do with, we can video a healthy cooking challenge with our kids.

The fresh air and Vitamin D have been fantastic the past few days. It seems as if green is exploding everywhere. It is extremely refreshing and hopeful. I have gotten my heart rate up working in my flower beds and brushing the winter coats off our 2 big lovable but extremely hairy mutts. A flower or vegetable garden is great project to keep our families healthy. I planted some sunflower seeds and hoping they will grow with some water and more sun. If y'all have not yet seen Montgomery's bluebonnets, they are spectacular on the Lone Star Parkway. There are plenty of them to have enough social distance to snap a few pics!

The sleep goal of 7-9 hours for adults , 8-10 for teenagers, and 9-12 hours for school age kids seems difficult. But remembering our bodies, including our immune system, need that to stay healthy, can help to make sleep a priority. A consistent bedtime/wakeup schedule can help our families meet this goal. Turning off screens 1-2 hours before bedtime will help also. This unique time at home could be a chance to start parent read aloud story time before bed. Some of my family's favorites were the"Little House" series and Chronicles of Narnia.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon and hearing about your families​ unique healthy activities.

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Lone Star Elementary Library and Technology Resources Names and Passwords

Please email any questions to tracie.sample@misd.org

Office 365 - This allows students to access Microsoft accounts such Outlook Email, Word, PowerPoint, Sway, One Drive and other Microsoft 365 applications. This resource can be accessed on the MISD webpage under Student Resources or Click Here.

Username: slunch#@student.misd.org

Password: lunch#grade

Example for 3rd grade student with lunch number 123456 (this is also student ID number):

Username: s123456@student.misd.org

Password: 1234563

The following resources can be accessed through the Resource tab on Mrs. Sample’s Library Webpage or Click Here.

Ebsco eBooks -

Username: misdlibrary

Password: learn19!

TexQuest - This includes Britannica School, Kids Infobits, National Geographic Kids, ProQuest SIRS Discover, Britannica Fundamentals, and Learn 360.

Username: j170903

Password: learn

PebbleGo – Database that covers a variety of research topics for PreK – 3rd grades. The main topics are animals, science, biographies, social studies, and dinosaurs. Games, videos and activities are included along with a listen option.

Username: montgom

Password: read

Benchmark Universe - ELA Textbook K-5

Username: slunch#

Password: mymisd

Example for a student with lunch number 123456 (this is also student ID number):

Username: s123456

Password: mymisd