Edgar Allan Poe

By: MaKaycee Fulton

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What was Poe's childhood like?

The Allan Parents were traveling actor.
Dad left family when he was only two.
Mom died of TB when he was three.
He was second of three children.
Poe was adopted by John and Rosalie Allan.
Brother was a poet, but died young age.
Sister became a teacher at a girls' school.

When did Poe publish his first written work?

  • Poe published his first writing work when he was 18 years old.

Who Was Edgar Allan Poe?

Edgar Allan Poe was a great literary critic and theoretician. He was a versatile writer.

How big of a part his life was filled wth sickness and death?

A lot of parts of his life was filled with death. His mom died when he was three years old of TB, she was twenty-four years old. Then Rosalie his adoptive mother died of the same disease. Then his cousin who he fell in love with and got married at age thirteen died same age as his birth mother, with the same disease. He wrote his stories mainly on the deaths of the women he truly loved.

What was Poes most significant work?

Edgar Allan Poe's most significant work was "The Raven."

What the themes from his life are evident in his work?

Some themes that are evident are horror and scary.

Why was Poe's death a mystery?

Poe's death was a mystery because he went away and then got to drunk to remember anything. The he died of alcohol poisoning.

What was Edgar Allan Poe's impact or influence on the world?

He influenced horror and motion pictures today.

What genre does Poe's stories fall in to?

Poe's stories fallen into the horror genre.