Workout Clothing

Workout Clothes

Tank Tops For Men - In and Out of the Gym

After much contemplation, I have decided that men who wear tank tops to the gym are "practical and intelligent" versus being egocentric and that it is absolutely tasteful and acceptable for men to wear a tank top in public. Read on to find out why:

In the Gym

In my own personal observation of men, wearing a Tank Top while they workout, I basically acknowledge the fact that they simply want the comfort of a Y Back, or seek flexibility of movement while wearing a racerback tank. They are not usually showing signs of being narcissistic.

For More Info About Workout Clothing

In my professional opinion, men benefit from the physical act of seeing the "visual" of their bare arms and muscles pumping up. As they watch their body function and have the opportunity to focus on their range of motion, men are actually provided with a powerful and positive psychological effect. This gives them a purpose and serves as motivation and reinforcement for their hard work and dedication to health and bodybuilding.

Out of Gold Gym

Although the majority of Mens Tank Top are designed as fitness wear for workouts, there is no rule that prohibits men from wearing them as casual wear. There seems to be a negative stigma attached to their use in public. I do not understand this way of thinking do to the fact that each and every one of us is entitled to our own preferences and are free to choose our own proper clothing as we see fit.

One Woman's Thoughts

As a woman, when it is hot outside, I prefer to wear spaghetti strapped tops and/or sleeveless dresses to keep my body temperature cool. Why would it be any different for men? I also feel that if women's curves are allowed to be defined by tight fitting garments in society, then mens hard earned, beautifully defined arms and curvaceous muscles need not be an issue.

A Few Good Men's Perspective

I had the opportunity to converse with a group of Male friends on this subject and their responses came down to one simple question: "Who cares what others think? We just want to feel comfortable."