Le Tribun du Peuple

October 7, 1789

The King Returns to Paris

On the sixth day of October, King Louis and the royal family returned to Paris, as a gesture of good will. It was quite a different story yesterday, when our demands that the King end his effort to block the National Assembly and address our harsh economic situations, went unheard. We first started to gather at our local market place. We tried to obtain food and goods because we were hungry. Many people decided to take our cause to city hall. After hours of unsatisfactory responses from our mayor, we decided to march on to Versailles. I was surprised at how many women and men joined us in our cause. We armed ourselves with weapons and continued on. At the edge of Versailles we were met by the National Guardsmen. They asked us what we wanted from our King and we replied that we wanted flour to make bread. Our cries of hunger went unheard by the King. We stormed Versailles, besieging the palace and defending our lives. We shouted and pressed our demands upon the King. My fellow Frenchmen and I are saddened and we carry a heavy heart in taking such hasty actions but we feel that we have finally been heard.

Written by William Gause, October 7, 1789

Letter to the Editor

As a representative of the National Assembly, I have fought hard for the people of France. We must continue to hold strong in our plight to resolve our growing economic crisis. It is my view that the words of John Locke speak to our cause. We have been burdened by the mistakes of our kings. We have been slaves to our monarchy. We can no longer see our future or have faith in the rule our nation to protect us. It is time to strengthen our resolve and keep order to have a successful country.

written by an anonymous assembly person October 6,1789

Letter to the Editor

“Let them eat cake”, she replied!

What a blatant disregard of human decency that our Autrichienne Queen could utter such words, when we the people of France starve. “Madame Deficit” has ruined France’s finances. We have worked hard and paid our taxes while she consumes the wealth of France. She continues to gamble, have masked balls and she buys jewels, houses and lavish clothing. Our King deliberately keeps our grains only for the benefit of privilege interest groups. The royal family has lost all its dignity and royal prestige. Our Queen is consumed by greed and by promiscuous acts of sex. Our King is lacking in firmness and decisiveness. Our great nation would be better off if we removed our Anciem Regime.

written by Cedric Diggory October 6,1789