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January 3rd - January 7th

Spoiler Alert: Locker Use Request, Parking/Drop- off Pilot, SEL Activities, COVID Test to Stay...

Happy New Year da Vinci Families,

I hope Winter Break was good to you and left you feeling revitalized and ready to bring in the new year healthy and strong!

As people begin setting their intentions and/or goals for the 2022 year, at da Vinci we are continuing to provide a nurturing, safe and supportive environment for our students. In doing so, we have a few goals to help us ring in the new year (skip to the Updates section below for more details):

  • Grade specific drop -off/Pick-up location trial/pilot
  • Stronger connection with our community
  • Scaffolding in arts as much as possible
  • Continuing to intertwine social emotional learning (SEL) into our instruction and activities. This week our teaching teams will be delivering brief opportunities for connection and SEL.

We are looking forward to welcoming our students back to school on Monday, January 3, 2022.

Best Wishes,

Principal Davis


Parking /Drop-off Pilot

Parking and drop-off/pick-ups are quite busy, especially as some of our families have opted out of carpooling with others. Being a focus option school, makes traffic a little different, as our students come from all over Portland and we need to get a better plan to support our situation. We do not want to rush morning drop-offs, as mornings are sometimes hard for families; however, once your kiddo is out of the car, please do not idle - please drive off in order to make room for the next family. Also, we cannot block bike lanes, intersections or parking in non-parking zones. In effort to intervene with the congestion, we ask that you try the plan outlined below:

8th grade:

Location: NE 24th and Couch back field road (it is a one way going East)

7th Grade:

Location: NE 24th between Everett and Davis (no turning left onto Everett)

6th grade: Location: NE Everett Street (front of school)

Big picture

Locker Use Requests

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that we would be reintroducing lockers. However, with the very contagious new variant upon us, we need to continue to be cautious and limit students gathering (which is definitely a task with middle schoolers). At the moment, we are in a compromise, we will offer lockers to students who need them. Our locker plan is somewhat of a hybrid model. Students who absolutely need them, will be assigned a locker - while those who are okay without will still carry their belongings.

If your student is in need of a locker, please help them complete our locker survey. Once the survey has been completed, we will assess the need and begin delivering locker assignments within the upcoming weeks.

Indoor Breakfast & Rainy Day Entry

Brrr...it is cold outside!! Thus, breakfast will be offered and eaten indoors. In general we don't have a lot of students participating in the breakfast program. However, those who do participate, will eat breakfast in the cafeteria, adhere to the covid guidelines for spacing and clean up after themselves. Please note, teachers will be in their classrooms planning for the day, thus, students will not have access to teachers (unless they have a scheduled appointment) and need to remain in the cafeteria, where there is supervision.

On the days where it is raining, we will open up the school so students are not hanging outside in the wet rain and cold. Here's the plan for non-breakfast eaters:

6th graders will enter through the regular 6th grade entrance and remain on the 1st floor (downstairs).

7th graders will enter through the main doors and remain on the main floor, seated in the auditorium.

8th graders will enter through the regular 8th grade entrance and remain on the 2nd floor, seated quietly in the hallway.

Please remind your students, they will not have access to the rest of the building and will remain in the grade specific designated spots.


PPS will be introducing Test-to-Stay for students who meet criteria for modified quarantine guidelines and expectations. Below is info more specific to this measure. Please note, PPS follows health guidelines, which are subject to change.
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Covid Testing at School

As a reminder, the OHSU screening program is available for weekly testing for asymptomatic students. Samples are collected each Tuesday morning. Those enrolled should have a test kit for this coming week. There are collection bins at each entrance and by the main office. You can opt-in or out at any time. For this program, we do need the OHSU form and the general consent form with the third box on the back page checked. The consent form with the other boxes checked is for on-site testing for students who become ill at school or are exposed while at school as part of the test-to-stay program.

Link for OHSU weekly screening

Link for information

Link for General Consent Form

Calendar Highlights

January 11th, 6p-7p, Black and Brown Virtual Family Night

January 12th, 6p, PTSA Meeting via Zoom

January 17th, MLK Jr. Holiday - no school

January 21, Dance Showcase, 7 pm, limited admission

January 28th, End of the Quarter/Semester 1

January 29th, Teacher Planning Day - no student day

From Nurse Cam about Immunizations

Hello Families,

The immunization exclusion date this school year is February 16th, 2022. You should have gotten a letter notifying you if your student's immunization status is not complete. If your Student's immunization status is not up to date by February 16th, 2022, your child will be excluded from school.

The Multnomah County Health Department is holding immunization clinics on Wednesdays and Saturdays. See the fliers for more information.

Clinic flyer in English.

Clinic flyer in Spanish.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email.

Thank you!

-Nurse Cam

971-801-4415 (text friendly)


PTSA Corner

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Did you know you can help raise money for da Vinci by recycling your bottles and cans without any extra cost to you? Learn how HERE. If you are in need of a blue bag, send your student to the office to pick one up!

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PTSA Meeting, January 12

The PTSA will resume monthly meetings on the second Wednesday on January 12th at 6 pm on Zoom.


Thank you to all those who have joined the PTSA, we are now at 61 members and more than halfway to our goal of becoming 100 members strong. Click HERE to join.

Follow the PPS COVID-19 dashboard HERE for real-time data.