Ratios Of My Life

Problem Puzzler 13 by Camryn Yaede


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Why This Ratio Matters To Me

This ratio matters to me because ever since I started tennis I just loved it. It was always so fun for me to just play and me and my dad took a lot of time to learn the sport, but I think it has payed off.

My Ratio: 3:40

Equivalent Ratios

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If I got x1.5 more then I had now, I would have 4.5 rackets (Which I don't think would work out very well...) and 60 tennis balls.

Celebrity Connection

I can't really find how many tennis balls/rackets a celebrity would have, and Serena Williams won't return any of my phone calls... I would just have to guess they have a lot more then me because they make a living out of playing tennis.