Spanish 141 for Heritage Learners

The University of the Virgin Islands

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Why a Hispanic Heritage Learner Class?

Spanish speakers or Heritage learners have different needs from English speakers learning Spanish as a second language. Some Heritage Learners may use oral Spanish in familiar contexts but need to develop their academic and professional Spanish. Also, some students may need to develop their writing and reading skills.
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Hone your skills

The Heritage Learner often needs to expand their Spanish-language context to include academic and professional contexts and purposes. Students need to have skills expanded to include more effective oral communication, reading, writing for acadmic, professional, and literary purposes. The vocabulary of the learner can be expanded and refined. Students will learn to use different discourse styles and registers for various situations.

Crucians and Cruzan-Ricans have Distinct Advantages

Students who have grown up speaking two languages often have linguistic, cognitive, and cultural advantages. Crucians and Cruzan-Ricans have a background and superior linguistic abilities allowing them to be better prepared to face a multilingual and multicultural world.
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