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Special Report: Joppa View Students Initiating Communication


1st Grade

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Ms. Chrisakis' Students and the Giant Venn Diagram

Students work together to discuss the similarities and differences among story characters. They use the giant Venn Diagram to record their thoughts.

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

3rd Grade Collaborative Map Project

a note from Ms. Barnes

My students were working this morning on a collaborative Edmodo activity. The question was "do you think what the scientists did for the Whooping Cranes was effective" Why or why not? "Do you think what the scientists did was extraordinary?" Students worked in groups of three to respond to the question and discuss. They were incorporating elements of writing that they have been learning, providing explicit details from the text, as well as making the connection between the question presented to them today and the essential question for our unit. Then, students worked collaboratively to respond back to other groups who were posting. The communication amongst groups, peers, and across the class was awesome! They LOVED working together and also developing effective communication with one another to generate collaborative discussions. :)
3rd Grade EXTRAORDINARY Discussion

4th Grade

5th Grade

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Ms. Chesser's Class

We read a story about two characters, Mario (5th grade) and Celia (7th grade) who participated in their student presidential debate .So, our task was to write a newspaper article summarizing the debate and comparing two characters. The organizer was to help us collect our thoughts and decide which important details and quotes from the text we wanted to include.

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