Communism Economic System

By : Angelica Gonzalez 8th period


1. What are the benefits of your economic system and why should people want it ?

The benefits of communism are that people are equal , every citizen can keep a job and there is no competition which leads to a stable system .

Facts about communism

1 . who's in charge of it ?

. The government is in charge of the factors of production and decides the resources .

2. How are people paid in this system ?

. People are paid all the same in this economic system .

3. How do they buy and sell things that they need ?

. in this system people don't necessarily buy things they sell what they can give such as oil diamond cobalt etc.

What Is Communism?

Refutations That are mostly pointed out are ?

1 . Communism centralizes the decision making of the nation in all aspects to a very small group of people .

2. It doesn't value creativity.

3. Reduced incentives to work hard.

Although based on the negative refutation's in the communism system it stabilizes people in equal rights and has no competition overall , also it can have its disadvantages and advantages its a stabled economy that can give basic needs to citizens and distribution of goods and services would take place on the individual needs .

" Communism can be challenging , but it provides the basic needs of an individual and gives you a stabilized system "