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St Cecilia's Catholic Primary School - July 2018

Almost the end of term!

PTA Fair - A big thank you!

What a wonderful sunny afternoon we had together last Saturday and a great football match as well, it's a shame that our footie success hasn't continued in to the week. Thanks to our PTA Committee and to all the parents who helped out on the day, we hope that your family had fun and enjoyed the time with staff and other families. We were certainly blessed with good weather on the day and some great food and drinks, from crepes and cakes to burgers, thanks to all our catering volunteers and those who donated for the fair.

We really appreciate all those who helped with the tidying up, it really made a big difference, we are very grateful, thank you for your teamwork!

I have heard that profits from the day are over £4k, this will greatly help us with our current library project where we are moving to expand our book provision and provide new learning spaces for mobile technology and chromebooks.

The PTA are planning a welcome back to school event in September, more about that once details have been confirmed.

Sports News - Years 3&4 Friendly

St Cecilia's 3 – 0 Cheam Park Farm

When we got to Cheam Park Farm, we started warming up. In our team we had Jack, Fintan, Hannah, Luke, Samo, Oscar, Amelia, Dante and Evie. Our coaches were Mrs C. Harrison and Mrs J. Ryan. When the ball got kicked off the centre spot we felt warm and fuzzy inside as the CPF and STC parents cheered! As I stood in the goal I had a big view of what was happening. I heard all my team players giving compliments to each other. St. Cecilia’s were on the attack and after three minutes we scored! GOAL! After 7-8 minutes we scored again, 2-0! STC and CPF parents clapped and cheered!

Because we started the first kick off, they started the second half. As CPF were on the attack the CPF striker shot and skimmed the post and the ball went out. Samo passed the ball from the goal kick, STC were on the attack and Jack scored our final winning goal. It ended 3-0 for St. Cecilia’s! At the end we shook hands with CPF and thanked the referee. We took a picture in the goal of our team…here it is!

By Samo and Oscar (St. Augustine's)

End of Term and Clapping Out Ceremony

Next Friday we have a new event for St Cecilia's - the Clapping Out Ceremony. It gives us a chance to mark the very special journey that our Y6 leavers are about to make as they start the next phase of their education.

The whole school will form a route for Y6, from their classrooms down past the Year 4 classrooms, around the green playground and on to the field area where Year 6 parents will be waiting in a special area to meet their sons and daughters.

Please come along and join your child along the route, it would be good if everyone could be in position by 11.30 so that we can start on time. Along with cheering and clapping, each year group has a special task:

Reception Shaking Maraccas
Year 1 Beautiful bubblers

Year 2 Shaking Pom Poms

Year 3 Presenting Leis

Year 4 Balloon buddies

Year 5 Friendly Archway

After the ceremony, the children will return to class to collect their bags, they will then be dismissed to the front playground as usual. Parents are welcome to proceed to the classrooms with the children to say goodbye to staff.

Kick off your school shoes for Bilijo Nursery School

Don't forget that we have a donation drive next Thursday and Friday for a charity in the Gambia. If you will be changing your child's shoes for September we are very happy to receive them as a donation next week. There will be a table in the playground where willing school council volunteers will take them from you. We can also take backpacks that are in good condition. We are happy for children to wear trainers for the last two days if they have donated shoes

If donating, we are happy for your child to write a message to the child receiving the shoes, please fold it and place it inside the shoe. You can help us by giving them a polish before you donate them, don't worry if you can't our volunteers will be able to brighten them up. Thanks for Mrs Carroll for helping us bring this opportunity to our school.

New library

We are developing our library space over the coming months with many changes happening over the summer holiday. This will involve a period of downtime for library borrowing as we move stock around the building during decoration and refurbishment. Much of the furniture will arrive in early October, the library will feature new muti height tables and chairs to make it a more flexible learning space for all users, including adults.

Our library catalogue is now available here, click on the link below to see our new system.

Year Ahead Meetings

Please note the dates for our Year Ahead and meet the teacher meetings next term.

Years 3&4 Thursday 6th September 9am.
Year 2 Tuesday 11th September at 2pm.

Years 5&6 Friday 14th September 9am.

These can all be found in the school calendar.

Summer Reading Challenge

Every year, thousands of families all over the country take part in the UK’s biggest reading event for children in libraries, the Summer Reading Challenge, run by the national charity The Reading Agency.

The aim of the Challenge is to get children to read any six books of their choice from their library during the summer holidays.

Every year there’s a different theme. The Summer Reading Challenge 2018 is called Mischief Makers, inspired by the much-loved iconic children’s title Beano, which celebrates its 80th anniversary. The Summer Reading Challenge website allows your child to log the books they have read during the summer – and beyond. They can also find new books to read, recommended by other children, watch exclusive author videos, take part in competitions and play games.

Please note: the Summer Reading Challenge is a library-based scheme and children must join the Challenge at a UK library to be eligible for any rewards including stickers and completer certificates.

Welcome to new staff

At Class handover sessions this week we were very pleased to welcome our new teaching staff for September 2018, they are joining us in Years 1-4, I hope that your children enjoyed meeting them this week, it's always fun to meet a new teacher!
Miss Grinham is shown on the right, Miss Greenaway, Mr Caulfield and Mrs Pendrill below. We welcome them to the team and look forward to working with them next year.

Farewell to Mrs Clarke and Miss Naughton

Mrs Clarke has been working in the St Cecilia's community for the past 15 years, I am sure that she has cared for many of your children, close to 500 children will have been in her classes and would have benefitted from her as a teaching assistant. We wish Mrs Clarke well in her new adventures!

Miss Naughton has been with us for the past two years, we appreciate all she has accomplished in Year 2 and wish her well as she rejoins her family in Australia.

We will be clapping them both out during our ceremony next Friday morning.

Fortnite factsheet

Just in case your child is playing Fortnite, please find below a parent factsheet about the game and what parents need to look out for.

Y6 Performance

Our Year 6 have been busy rehearsing in recent weeks with their teaching team and Mrs Kolendo for their special performance to which Year 6 parents are invited next Tuesday evening. Drinks will be served prior to the performance so please come along when your child goes through to get ready.
Big picture

Y6 with the Carmelites at Aylesford

I had the pleasure of being with Y6 on retreat this week - We had a lovely day with at Aylesford Friary, great weather, a beautiful building and a lovely welcome and Mass from the Carmelite Friars. Year 6 were tremendous on the day, lots of reflection and a lovely lunch and playtime on the field. We are going to miss Year 6!

A little prayer for the end of the school year...

At the end of this school year we give thanks to God:

For all the teaching and learning that has taken place in our school,

both in and out of the classroom,

For the talents and gifts that have been shared and the challenges that have been faced; For the burdens that have been lifted and the hurts that have been healed;

For the respect and care that has been given.

We give thanks for the friendships that have just begun and for those that have grown.

For the faith that has been lived in our daily struggles,

For the hope that has lifted our hearts on the dark days

And for the love that has kept us going.

We give thanks for the community that we are, and we ask you Lord -

Bless our families as we take our holidays, may our time together leave us with memories to cherish.

Pour out your love on us that we may return renewed and refreshed to continue our journey together.

We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.


Best wishes for the weekend and we look forward to seeing you all for the last week of term.

Vince Burke

Head Teacher

St Cecilia's Catholic Primary School

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