Clip Wheelz

The wheelz that move anything!

What are Clip Wheelz?

Clip Wheelz are a very easy tool for moving things that are just too heavy! I invented Clip Wheelz because my mother is a waitress and has a bad back. She can't move a lot of stuff around the house, so guess who does... Me! Clip Wheelz simply get out underneath whatever you need to move, then you move the object, then you lock the wheelz in place. It's very simple!

Aches and Pains

Olivia MacKethan

Olivia MacKethan, the inventor of Clip Wheelz, turned 12 in October. She goes to Boyertown Elementary School and is in 6th grade. She plays soccer for a Boyertown Travel Team and is in the gifted program at school!


Clip Wheelz sell in packs of 4. They sell for $17.99. The wheelz cost about $2.40 each a and the hard plastic and locks are very cheap, but durable. Each one would cost about $4 so you are saving by buying them in packs of 4!
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