The Red Badge of Courage

By Stephan Crane


The Civil War


Henry(The Youth)-In his point of view

Jim(The Tall Soldier)-Henry's best friend

Main Conflict

Henry come back with a heroic story but he finds it harder than he thought so he wants to run away.

Event 1

The beginning of the book the youth (Henry) decides to join the war. He leaves home in order to join the war in hopes of coming back with a heroic story.

Event 2

It is Henry's first battle, he is learning that it is much different from what he thought, but is still determined to become a hero.

Event 3

Henry believes he has won the battle. He thinks that he is starting to become a hero. But then, the confederate's backup arrives. Henry now wants to run away.

Event 4

While cowering in fear Henry's friend, Jimmy dies. Henry feels like he could've saved him and been a hero, but Jimmy died. Jimmy is now a hero but dead.

Event 5

Henry starts to learn, after getting injured and having several of his fellow men dying, that no one really cares about his story. The war is over. Instead of telling the story Henry just decides to keep his memories of his fellow men to himself.