The International Space Station

Ty Termaat

What is the International Space Station

The International Space Station or ISS is a station orbiting the Earth in outer space. It was built to help research subjects such as geology, environments, and other things on Earth and is used to further advance our technology. It is international which means astronauts of many nations have been and continue to live on the space station.
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This is a picture of the ISS.

Size and structure of the ISS

The International Space Station is around the size of a football field, including both end zones! It has two bathrooms and five bedrooms as well as a gym facility so the astronauts can stay fit in zero gravity. The ISS also contains a 360 degree bay window where the crew members can look out and study outer space. Overall, the ISS weighs an estimated 861,804 pounds!

The ISS by the numbers

15 different countries (5 different space agencies) helped to build and to maintain the ISS which costs around $100 billion. This is the largest object that anyone has sent into space and it orbits the Earth at an altitude of around 248 miles. The International Space Station travels around the Earth every hour and a half and this means it completes 16 orbits every day. In this one day, the space station travels around the distance it would take to travel to the moon and back.

Crew Members on the International Space Station

The average crew on the International Space Station is a six member crew with people from many different nations. This six member crew works on research and repairs inside the station and can even to space walks to repair things outside of it! If there is an urgent need to leave the ISS, there are two Russian Soyuz ships docked to the station at all times so the crew members are able to evacuate.

Fun Facts

1. The world record for most people together in a space station is 13! This was set in 2009 when the space ship Endeavor docked with the ISS bringing a six person crew together with a seven person crew.

2. The International Space Station was actually built in space. It was not launched from Earth but its parts were. The parts were launched and then assembled in outer space, with the final touches being the docking of the ships onto the station.

My Reaction

I thought this project was extremely interesting and really fun. I have always kind of dreamt of going into space but had never thought it would really be possible. After reading about the international Space Station though, it seems like a lot of fun, but very scary as well! I don't think I would be able to do a space walk.

Overall I really enjoyed this project and hope to continue to learn about the ISS and the possibilities of someone going into space.

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