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Geographical Features and Characteristics

  • Capital is Xining in eastern Qinghai
  • Qinghai Hu is biggest lake in China
  • Average elevation 9,900 ft
  • Lowest point 8,700 ft
  • The Yellow river and Yangtze river

The Location of Qinghai

  • Province is the 4th largest in China
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  • Majority Han
  • Minorities include: Tibetians and Mongols
  • Popuation is 5.2 milion


  • Agriculture, (wheat, barley, and Irish potatoes)
  • Forestry, (spruce, birch, Chinese pine, and Chinese juniper)
  • herding cattle, yaks, horses, and sheep, (major source of wealth)
  • Oil and natural gas
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Cultural Differences

  • Rural lifestyle influenced by traditional culture
  • Mongols and Tibetans: one son was expected to enter a lamasery
  • Qinghai lake, natural setting and abundant bird life
  • Annual multistage bicycle road race
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Cultural Festival


  • Qinghai long considered part of Tibet
  • Made a province in 1928
  • The Ta'er Monastery, famous historical sites
  • Traders met near Qinghai lake to exchange locally bred horses for tea
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Ta'er Monastery

Tourist Sites

  • Ta'er Monastery
  • Qinghai Lake