The Roar (By: Emma Clayton)

By: Evelyn Ison

How I visualize Mika

- Italian/Indian

- Dark eyes

- Tall

Text evidence

"Both shared the same mix of Italian and Indian blood..." pg.24 paragraph 3

"...both had the same dark eyes..." pg.24 paragraph 3

" You have grown! Asha exclaimed. " That can't be normal." pg.139 paragraph 4

Mika on vacation

If Mika went on vacation he would bring, Ellie's holopic mountain lions, sandals, shorts, sunglasses, and swimsuits.
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More Text Evidence

"Mika watched her lay everything out in neat piles: sandals, shorts, sunglasses, and swimsuits..." pg.222 paragraph 1

"...Ellie's holopic mountain lions....insisted on going back for it." pg.224 paragraph 1