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Time to Advance Good

We are so glad that you chose to invest your Thursday night in the experience of Q Commons Sacramento. As Brian Dowd shared at the end of the evening, we want to be a cross section representation of the CHURCH that is staying curious, thinking well and advancing good. As Nancy Ortberg reminded us, we are leaders following Jesus who in small things have a big impact. We are leaders who, as Ben McBride said, are willing to lean into the awkward conversations with those different than us. As out panelists Ken Cooley, Bonnie Gore and Ed Manansala reminded us, we are so in need of God that our first motion is prayer. The room was electric with conversation, now let’s put it into action.

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Like Minded Leaders Connecting

Get Together: You met someone last night – contact them and have coffee and share how you are advancing good

Mark Your Calendar: Convergence Live is coming on Friday, March 24. More local voices and local connecting. Details in December

Building Convergence: we are looking for those who want to build this leaders platform. Is it you? Email Merisa at

Leaning into Ending Racism

2016 Annual Sacramento City Awards: See more at
Micah Groups: Learn about them at
Mark Your Calendar: MLK Celebration at Capital Christian Center on Sunday, January 15 at 6pm
MLK March: Learn more at

Ben McBride: Read his article

Advocating for Civil Discourse

Meet your local elected officials and pray for them.

Attend a City Council or School Board Meeting, speak civilly to an issue.

Learn More: Find out more about candidates and issues truthfulness here -

Q National

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