Biochemist project by Jonathan Espinosa

biochemist study

chemical processes and chemical transformations in living organisms, other biochemists study DNAs, proteins and cell parts.
Biochemists also research how certain chemical reactions happen in cells and tissues and observe and record the effects of products as in food additives and medicines. The main function of a biochemist is to focus on improving the qualities of lives.

What biochemist have to do

planning and conducting research experiments, mainly for developing new products, updating existing products and analyzing said products.

things needed to become a biochemist

The cost to become a biochemist with a bachelors degree depends on the school. Ranging from 13-30 thousand dollars a year. You only have to pay for tuition since there is no licence needed to become a biochemist unless you want to be a radiologist technician. you can become a biochemist with any degree but you need a higher degree for certain jobs.

Average salary and growth

The average annual salary for biochemists is $79,390 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Wages for biochemists range from $43,050 to $142,420
Over the next decade, the government predicts a 31% growth in jobs for biochemists. Meaning this field will only grow bigger and bigger and time progresses

Advancement oppurtunity

"In this setting, advancement follows the administrative or management pathways of the institution. If successful, there is opportunity to become a self-employed consultant. Advancement in the private sector largely depends upon successful publication in journals as well as becoming established as an expert in a sub-specialty." Wiki

Benefits/moving arrangements/ what jobs it can lead to

Benefits generally include paid holidays and vacations, health insurance, and pension plans.Like any job you may have to move around if your job needs you to.

Biomedical scientist

Clinical biochemist
Clinical research associate
Forensic scientist
Higher education lecturer
Research scientist (life sciences)

Can biochemist work from home?

That really depends on what field of biochemistry you work in. If you work in a lab and need results most likely not but if you need ideas for product production or to do paper work than most likely you can. It just really depends on the work that needs to be done.

What type of work will you do? How much do biochemist work?

Again depending on your certain field you may study dna, various products, cells, lab work, and even some different kinds of gene studies.

You'll most likely work long hours or fairly regular hours (9am to 5 pm) it can really depend on your job and location. Along with what needs to be done and what your working on.

Do you need to have an internship?

For the most part yes you do. Many labs require you to have some training which you will sign a intern contract which explain the expertise you need and pay as an intern. While some jobs in the biochemistry you may not need nearly as much training as other fields or any at all.

Where are the jobs?

The jobs are virtually everywhere! In government, research, product distribution in business, education, international. It's really amazing how big this genre of science is. How much it spans and how big it will expand into new areas.
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Retirement age?

The full retirement age in this field is between 65 - 67 years old to get full benefits
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Positive and negative factors

Great job with benefits and pay

you get to do some amazing stuff

you work with different types of factors and find out new things about stuff no one knew about before

the negative is that your job field can be taken away at any time like any field

it's not guaranteed you will get a job even with there being more jobs open in biochemistry

If you don't enjoy it you will not like what you have to do and you will just have a bad experience

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