Abbie Haas Block 2- Anarchy is NOT the way to go!

Anarchy is a place where bad things happen

Anarchy is in a country that doesn't have a government and no leader. It means there is total chaos. So Anarchy is not a government. Criminals roam the streets.... Ready to do something bad because they know that people wont pay attention. In Anarchy nobody is in charge so their is no laws, no rights, no responsibilities, and you can't vote because their is nothing to vote for, so nobody is chosen to be head and nobody as the most power. This " government" is different then ours because Anarchy is crazy and no government. Our government is in control so we don't go crazy. We have a president, making laws for us, creating rights.

What countries?

No countries have anarchy. There are some countries that are like anarchy but not. They don't have it because we need a government and we can't just not go to school and not have work. We need something to do with our lives.

Citizens in anarchy don't have a say because there is no government, what would they have a say on? Anarchy is not a government it's a country that doesn't have government. If a country had it for too long then it could possibly turn into dictatorship.

Don't Go for Anarchy

Guaranteed to be crime filled and chaos

So check the link below to learn more on anarchy.