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November 16, 2018

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We have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. Yes, the air quality has been bad, the kids are squirrelly, in door recess is rough and 400 kids in the MPR is no fun!

But at the end of the day we have homes to go to and people who love us. Our town survived what clearly can be disasterous results from wildfires. Our loved ones are accounted for and we will have clean air to breathe soon.

We all have struggles visible and not so visible. It is how we work together and care for one another that matters and gives us the strength to support our students and families. I appreciate all of you very much! I wish you a very happy holiday, rest, peace and clean air to breath.

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What's All the Hubbub?

You may have noticed all the comings and goings and moving of furniture! The sole purpose for this move is to create a mindful room for students to decompress. We have not worked out all the details about the criteria for sending a student to this space. More will follow later when the room is up and running.

This was a true collaborative effort!

  • We received a 2,000 grant from Walmart for items for the mindful space. Thank you Victoria and Jesse Campbell.
  • Missy agreed to move into Gen's space
  • Gen agreed to move into the health tech space
  • Health techs agreed to move into Kevin's space
  • Kevin agreed to move into Missy's space
  • Office staff put up with the craziness and did a lot of purging as well

Max and Martin dumped and hauled stuff! As did, Kevin, Gen, Nora, Missy, Laura and Linda! A true team effort!

The new spaces are as follows:

Gen is in the main office (aka nurses office)

Missy is in Gens old office

Nurses are in Kevin's old office

Kevin is in 36.1

Conference room will be the mindful space (opening date TBD)

All traffic will be directed by Adda. When you send a student to see the nurse their first stop should be Adda.

Book Exchange

If you need school books or children’s books, you’ve found just the right place!

And if you have K-12 textbooks or other books for children that you don’t need anymore, bring them to us. We’ll find them good homes with teachers, families, and young people around the world. (Before you bring us books, please first see what kind of books we want … thanks!) Come visit us during our open hours. Everyone is welcome.

Teachers: Need more copies of specific texts, supplementary materials, or classroom sets of junior lit? Looking for a teacher edition? Want your own classroom library? Out-of-towners, need a used textbooks search?

Parents: Want to enrich your child’s education at home?

Non-Profits: Need any textbooks or library books for young people?

Service Clubs: Want to sponsor local teachers, provide a field trip for a whole class to come get books, or send books overseas or to another place in the U.S.?

School Folks: Unneeded textbooks and school library books taking up storage space or headed for your dumpster? Don’t let them meet their fate in a landfill. Bring them to us!

Click here to learn more about The Global Book Exchange! SEE LIST OF ALL OF OUR WONDERFUL SPONSORS

Staff Meeting and District Grade Level Meetings - Nov 26 and 27

We will be at EV for both days. We will focus on math planning, assessment review and standards. Please bring your assessments for Unit 2. Thank you!

I don't know why I thought this to be so funny! Must be late?!!!

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Up Coming Events


Fri. 16 Gabi, Chris, Nora, Gen and Catherine to SBAC with TC in SF

19-23 Gobble Gobble

Mon. 26 Staff Meeting

Tues. 27 District Grade Level Meeting

Wed. 28 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 11

Thurs. 29 Sing a long 9am

Fri. 30 Restructuring Team & ELAC


Mon. 3 Staff meeting

Wed. 5 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 12

Thurs. 6 Leadership Meeting & DELAC

Fri. 7 Wreaths

Fri. 7 Family Celebration

Tues. 11 Socorro on campus

Wed. 12 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 13

13 & 14 Holiday Fair

Fri. 14 Principals TK-12 & Staff Party

Wed. 19 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 14

Thurs. 20 Elementary Principals

Fri. 21 A-Z for Parents 8am, Coffee Day and Sing a long


Mon. 7 Staff meeting

Wed. 9 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 15

Fri. 11 Principals TK-12

Mon. 14 District Grade Level Meeting

Wed. 16 Maite, Chris and Gen at UCD & Grd Level meeting 1:40pm -16

Fri. 18 Restructuring Team

Wed. 23 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm -17

Fri. 25 Elementary Principals & ELAC 6pm

Mon 28 Staff meeting

Wed. 30 Staff Development (non stu day)