My Basketball Life

Ever since I was younger my dream was to be a professional basketball player. Basketball is something that makes me feel better when I just need to clear my head. It's something that I will go and play for fun. Basketball is always going to be a huge part of my life even when I don't play it anymore.
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My Best Memory of Basketball

When I was in 6th grade my Oregon Basketball team was playing MCfarland and we were down 21-24. My coach called a timeout with only about 20 seconds left. In the timeout we all gathered around coach he explained that this was our time to come back and that we shouldn’t give up. After, he said we needed a three to tie the game up or else we were done. He got out his clipboard and started drawing a play. Someone from my team asked him who would be shooting the three and he said me. I suddenly felt a rush of nerves go down my back and my hands get sweaty. Next he told the 5 players on the court what each of them would be doing in the play. The shot clock ran out and the buzzer went off. All the players came on to the court and got in there positions. I passed the ball in bounds to Jaelyn who passed it to KT. I faked going inside but went to the right outside corner of the court. KT passed me the ball when I was wide open, I caught the ball and shot a three... Brick. Luckily we got the rebound back. Emily passed it out to KT with only 5 seconds left. She passed to me, I got the ball from about 5 feet passed the 3 point line in the middle of the court. My heart was beating so much I felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. My hands having a sweaty grip on the ball. I shot it. The ball soaring through the air with a perfect spin to it.. 2…. 1….. Swishhh!! 24-24. Overtime.

Basketball Rules:

The Rules of Basketball - EXPLAINED!
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