Color Wars

Newspaper in a Minute Challenge

The Challenge

You will use to create a one page newspaper. The theme for the newspaper will be African Wildlife. The newspaper will contain a series of articles about African animals facing extinction and what is being done about saving each species. Each team will choose one animal to showcase in the team newspaper. Team members will:

a. Research the animal.

b. Explain why the animal faces extinction.

c. Explain what the government or governments in Africa are doing to help save the


d. Showcase groups that are working to save the animal.

e. Explain how we can help save this animal.

f. Include videos, pictures, charts and graphs that will enhance people's

understanding of why the animal is important, why the animal faces extinction, and

what is being done to prevent extinction.

g. Include a bibliography

African Impact Wildlife Photography & Conservation Volunteer Project South Africa
Lion Rehabilitation Volunteer Project at Antelope Park Zimbabwe

Winning the Competition!

The Smore Newspapers will be judged for content, including accuracy and quality of information and illustrations that may include pictures, charts, map, and/or videos. Your newspapers need to be informative and stylish!

May the best team win!