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Friday, November 1, 2019

Book Fair

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the book fair has been cancelled for the upcoming week.


Mrs. Close’s Class ~ The kids are bringing home their corrected Unit 2 tests. Results were great! Please sign and return the test on Monday. They also have a yellow Family Letter for Unit 3. This letter gives parents a lot of information about fractions and the answers to the Home Links. This week we have devoted much of our time to creating equivalent fractions using the area model and number lines. On Monday, we’ll practice creating equivalent fractions using multiplication. The rest of the week will involve comparing fractions, ordering fractions, and the introduction of the relationship between fractions and decimals beginning with tenths. The first official CML competition will be given during the upcoming week too! Keep up the great work and thanks for supporting fact practice at home. The kids are loving their success!

Mrs. Gleason's Class ~ This week we began Module 3. We've worked with the formulas for area and perimeter. The students are able to find the area and perimeter of given rectangles. Next week we move on to multiplication. The students will begin with multiplying by 10, 100 and 1,000. Then we start multiplication of 2-3 digit numbers by a 1-digit number. The students will be taught a few different strategies to multiply. The first ones they learn help them understand the values of the numbers they are multiplying. Eventually they will learn the traditional method. Students may use any method that clicks for them. My goal is that when they multiply, it's mathematically sound and correct! Please set up a practice routine of multiplication facts at home. Five minutes is all that is needed each night.


Mid-Unit Assessments ~ You'll find your child's corrected assessment in his/her Friday Folder. This task is really tough. Please don't let a disappointing grade ruin the weekend. The kids are working hard and grow so much this year. The short answer questions are challenging. The great news is, for the most part the kids have the claim part down! That's the hard part. Some kids just forgot to defend their claim with details. Please sign and return the task on Monday. During the coming week the kids will be working to correct them in class.

PAWS ~ We're knee deep into the first task! Next week we're going to focus on the correct use of there, their, and they're!

Read Aloud ~ I'm still reading Ruby Holler. We're at the part where Dallas and Sairy and Tiller and Florida are on their "practice" trips.

Picture Book Friday ~ Aleks read Bone Soup to us today! I don't see the problem with including eyeballs and frog legs in soup?!?! Grace is up for November 8th!

Big picture


Yes, the crayfish have arrived! This past week we labeled the parts of the crayfish and I taught them how to tell the difference between males and females.

We had to bring in some artificial light for our hydroponic tank. I'm glad we did because now we have a flower!


The kids had so much fun building! Next week I'll take pictures of each group with their longhouse.


Thank you very much for sending in snacks for the kids! I appreciate your generosity!

Veterans Day

On Friday, November 8th, we'll attend the annual Veterans Day assembly in our auditorium. Let's plan to wear red, white, and blue!