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Friday, November 4, 2022



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We are so happy to see many old faces in our building, as well as, welcoming many new students, staff, & faculty to our Mary Bryan family.

We have some policy changes that are now in effect for our building. Please note the following:

  1. You must have a car rider tag displayed in your vehicle to pick up your child in the car rider line at the end of the day. If you do not have a tag you must park & come into the front office. You may request car tags through the front office. You may also call Mrs. Terra Weddell @ 317)789*2609 or email your request to
  2. Changes to afternoon transportation for your student MUST be made to the front office no later than 3:00.
  3. As always, please make sure you have your ID to pick up your children.
  4. Make sure you send your children to school with a reusable water bottle. Fill up stations are located throughout the building.



Kan sianginn ah mihlun tampi kan hmuh ṭhan hna pin ah siangngakchia le zung rianṭuanmi

mithar tampi zong Mary Bryan chungkhar ah kan hmuh hna caah kan i lawm taktak.

Kan sianginn i kan hmanmi zulhphung (policy) zeimawzat kan thlenmi a um. Zaangfah tein

atang lei ah zoh te uh.

1. Sianginn an dih/chuah i mawṭaw in fale don tik ah mawṭaw i tarmi (car rider tag) hi langhter

hrimhrim ding. Mawṭaw tar ding (tag) a nei lomi cu mawṭaw chiah/park hnu ah office chung ah

luh i don ding. Mawṭaw tar ding hi zung ah hal khawh a si. Asiloah Mrs. Terra Weddell hi

317-789-2609 asiloah email in ah hal khawh a si lai.

2. Zanglei i fale lawi nak ding bus cit dingmi (transportation) thlen piak a herh ding a si ahcun

zanlei 3:00 hlan ah zung (front office) ah chimh HRIMHRIM ding.

3. A zungzal in, fale don tik ah ID i ken zungzan ding ti hi philh lo ding.

4. Nan fale sianginn i din dingmi ti rawnnak ding tithawl kenter philh hna hlah uh. Ti rawnnak

ding (stations) hi sianginn chung hmun tampi ah chiahpiak an si.

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You may come have lunch with your student!

Please make sure you have your ID so the office is able to create you a badge to wear while in our building. The lunch times are listed below.

3rd 11:00 -11:30

2nd 11:30 -12:00

1st 12:10-12:40

4th 12:40-1:10

5th 1:20-1:50

A duhmi nih sianginn ah fale chuncaw rak ei pi khawh a si!

Zaangfah tein siangin nan rat tik ah ID i ken philh hlah uh, sianginn i nan um chung ken

dingmi ṭaang benh (badge) hi zung nih an in tuahpiak hna a herh lai. Chuncaw ei caan cu

atang lei hi an si:

3rd 11:00 -11:30

2nd 11:30 -12:00

1st 12:10-12:40

4th 12:40-1:10

5th 1:20-1:50

Meet Romeo!

Romeo is Mary Bryan’s facility dog. He was trained by the Indiana Canine Assistant Network for 2 years before he joined the staff at Mary Bryan in January 2022. Romeo adores each person that he meets. He is enjoys listening to students read, doing small jobs, and making each person feel happy! The staff and students are grateful he is a Pioneer.
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Dear Parents/Guardians of second and fifth grade students:

We need additional information on the academic needs and performance of individual students

in order to provide instruction at the appropriate level for each child. We are continuing our

screening for the high ability program and depending on the information needed your second

or fifth grade child may be administered a standardized test during November. Parents of

students who qualify for the program will receive a ParentSquare message by the end of May.

If you have any questions regarding testing, please contact Kim Jovic at

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Reading Round Up

To help us celebrate the end of the first quarter of school, we would like to invite you to Reading Round Up Family Night. All students have been participating in Reading Round Up where they have been listening to and talking about many, many books. This will also be an opportunity for you to shop at the Book Fair. There will be food, crafts, and story reading.

When: Thursday, October 27th

Time: 5:30-7:00

Please feel free to bring a book to read together in the cafeteria. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Feel free to bring your own books!

As a bonus - staff and students may dress up as their favorite book character on Thursday, Oct 27th. This is NOT a Halloween costume day. If your child would like to participate, please help to make sure they are dressed as a book character.


Cyber safety

There has been an increase in conversations about shows our students are watching. We want to take this opportunity to remind parents about Cyber safety! We encourage parents to be aware of what their kids are watching, and talk to your children about what they are seeing. You can also have discussions with friends, family, neighbors, and church/community leaders about what their kids are watching, what apps they are using, and what to watch for. Here are some additional resources to help assist with this!


Media ratings and safety

For movies and TV shows, here are some of the ratings and what they mean.

G (general audience) is intended for all ages.

PG (parental guidance) is media that requires parent guidance due to some factors not being suitable for children.

PG-13 Is media that parents strongly cautioned, and is intended for ages 13 years or older.

R is restricted to anyone under 17 and requires an accompanying adult due to the adult materials in the film (harsh language, violence, nudity, etc)

For video games, the ratings slightly differ. Here are the ratings:

E (Everyone) the game is intended for all ages.

T (Teen) the game is intended for those 13 and up.

M (Mature) the game is for audiences 17 and older due to adult content.

Ask for help with parental controls if you are interested in limiting access to content for your student.

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Your child is participating in the Second Step program at Mary Bryan Elementary. Previously information was sent out about the content in this program.

Click here for Parent Introduction Letter

Click here for Second Step Introduction Video

Our students complete one unit (5 lessons) each 9 weeks. Each unit has a different focus. This quarter, all of our students will be learning about Emotion Management. The Parent information for each grade level is attached below. This will give you an overview of what your student is learning and ideas for how to build on these skills at home.

First Grade Emotion Management Home Link

Second Grade Emotion Management Home Link

Third Grade Emotion Management Home Link

Fourth Grade Emotion Management Home Link

Fifth Grade Emotion Management Home Link

If you have any questions, or would like more detailed information on lessons, please contact Shannon Romine, Mary Bryan Elementary School Social Worker, at (317) 789-2615 or

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We can't wait for clubs!

Let your students know that YES, we are bringing back clubs this year. Keep an eye out here in the bulletin for more information.

2022-2023 Ukulele Club

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The first Lego Club meeting will Friday the 11th. Please look for the Mary Bryan Lego Club on Facebook. We will start accepting parents into the group. We will also be sending out a paper that reaffirms the date and time that your child will be attending the Lego club as well as the dates we will be meeting. We can't wait to see everyone's creative builds!

Congratulations to this year's Student Council members!

Miss Colbert and Mrs. Robertson would like to congratulate the following 4th and 5th grade students who earned a position in this year’s student council:

Maximus Lopez, Anthony Lalbik, Eloina Rendon, Max Hower, Lian Cing, Andrea Flores, Jaxon Fajardo, DeAunna Woodruff, Audrina Cooper, Oba Akinrinmade, Christine Tluang, Ramtha Sui, Molly Lian, Evelyn Cerhnin, Elizabeth Chin, Johnathon Pek, Ava Klue, Isaac Zrebiec, Gurgeet Rani and Izak Vanvalkenburg Congratulations to those students who made the student council this year!

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Who's ready for the Chess Club? Permission slips are available to interested students. Chess Club will meet on Thursday mornings before school from 8:15am-9am.

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Perry Meridian Middle School is excited to host our Annual Crafts & More Fair on Saturday,

November 12th from 9am- 2pm. We have over 100 Vendors with unique handcrafted

items, jewelry, party lines, food, and more! Admission will be $2 at the door with children under

12 being free. For more information, please contact Andrea Brumfield at 317-789-4131 or by

email at

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Yearbooks are on Sale until March 17, 2023. They are $20.00 each.

You can pay by Cash, Check, or Order Online. Write Checks to Mary Bryan Elementary School.

To order online: visit and enter this code: 73067G

It's not too late to order school pictures!

Order Pictures Online

Order your student's fall pictures online. Use Order Code: 69199YB


As we begin to host more home athletic events this year we want to remind families and

students about conduct at our events.

Students attending athletic events should only be sitting in the stands during the games. For

the safety of our students and guests, no one should be playing behind the bleachers or

along the stands. Additionally, no one should enter the event with outside footballs, soccer

balls, etc. They will be taken away.

We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for supporting our athletes!

Student Ticket Policy

All students will be admitted into home athletic events that are not Marion County or IHSAA

tournaments for FREE this school year (2022-2023).

● Grades 9-12 will be admitted free with their student ID.

● Grades K-8 will be admitted free when accompanied by a paid adult.

● Middle school students can attend middle school athletic events for free with their ID.

However all other students must be accompanied by a paid adult.

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2022-2023 Student Accident Coverage

Open Enrollment - Secured Accident Coverage