Amelia Earhart

By Kennedy Kuchinski

As Earhart was flying across the Pacific Ocean, she disappeared.

What Made Earhart Famous?

On October 22, 1922., she set an altitude record for women at 14,000 feet, or 4,267 meters.
Earhart was the first female to complete a solo transatlantic flight on May 20, 1932.

On January 11, 1935, Earhart makes a solo flight from Honolulu, Hawaii, to Oakland, California.

1. When Earhart was a child, she considered herself and a tomboy, and it saved her life. One cold winter, Earhart was sliding down on a "boy" sled, which is longer and you slide down on your stomach, opposed to a "girl" sled, where you sit up stiffly. She was going down a hill when a horse and cartridge pulled out in front of her, and there was no time to stop. Instead of crashing, she slid underneath the horse. If Earhart would have been on a "girl" sled, she would have suffered severe head damage or even death and the horse would have gotten a broken rib or two.

5. After Earhart disappeared, the government spent $4 million dollars looking for her.

Even when something doesn't go your way, KEEP TRYING!

Amelia Earhart

By: Tanya Lee Stone