Fraser Island

By Hannah Morris


Fraser Island is located on the Southern Coast of Queensland. It is approximately 200 kilometres north of Brisbane. The size of Fraser Island is 120 kilometres long and 24 kilometres wide. It was listed as a World Heritage site in 1992. Fraser Island is Queensland's largest Island and has an abundance of flora and fauna.


Captain James Fraser and his wife Eliza Fraser were shipwrecked in 1836. His wife Eliza gave birth in a leaking lifeboat but, the infant died. Captain Fraser died in the sea and his wife Eliza was rescued six weeks later.

Aboriginal Legend

According to Aboriginal legend, when humans were created and needed a place to live, the mighty god Berial sent his messenger Yendingie with the goddess K'gari fell in love with the earths beauty and did not want to leave it. So Yendingie changed her into a heavenly island- Fraser Island.

Flora and Fauna

There is a diverse range of Flora and Fauna on Fraser Island including flora such as, spinifex, she-oaks, pandanus , eucalyptus, acacia, scribbly gums, kauri pine, brush box and a range of vines, palms and ferns. There are a few mangrove swamps. There is an abundance of fauna including, dingoes, turtles, brumbies, goannas, 230 species of birds, dolphins, whales, dugongs and snakes.


*The earliest name for Fraser Island is "K'gari" in the Butchulla people's language means Paradise.

*In the 1950's they used to do sand mining on Fraser Island.

*The Swamp Parrot and Peregrine Falcon are known to be Fraser Islands most rare species of bird.