iPad Courses - Lantrip Elementary

Becoming a Power User ~ Enhancing Productivity/Collaboration

Agenda This Morning


Chris Miller, APD Specialist christopher_miller@apple.com

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and explore the fundamentals and features of your iPad

  • Learn how to personalize iPad settings and use built-in apps for learning and teaching

Leveraging iOS 8 for Learning and Teaching
    • Device orientation and navigation
    • Organization tips and tools
    • Advanced multitasking gestures
    • Personalization settings
    • Accessibility features for learning
    • Built-in apps: Safari, Maps, Notes, Camera, Photos, and more
    • Learning resource sources: App Store, iTunes U, and iBooks Store

    What makes an iOS device personalized for learning and teaching?

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    The Cutting Board - TechSense
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    Some Web 2.0 sites to look up




    Survey: Becoming a Power User

    Take just before our lunch break.

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    Afternoon Agenda

    Welcome Back!

    Chris Miller, APD Specialist christopher_miller@apple.com

    Learning Objective

    • Identify and explore features of your Mac that support efficiency

    • Discover how to increase productivity, collaboration, and communication with built-in apps and iCloud

    Leveraging iOS 8 for Learning and Teaching
    • Built-in productivity apps: Notes, Calendar, Contacts, and more

    • Collaboration and communication apps: Mail, Messages, AirDrop, and more
    • iCloud features for education

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    What role does productivity play in an effective classroom?

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    Collaborative Brain Power
    Parallel Lines: Formative Assessment using video
    Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque'
    Survey: Personal Productivity and Collaboration

    Take just before we wrap up in the afternoon.