Columbian Exchange

By Alex T

The wonderful exchange

The columbian exchange is when countries trade or exchange things such as plants and animals. 3 good reasons we wouldn't have coffee.We wouldnt have spaghetti sauce.we wouldnt have oranges.3 negatives are they gave us diseases.We lost plants.We lost animals too.

I vote For it not against it because people got rich,land increase and glory.People had god and a lot of new things Mexicans got horses that helped too.

If you vote for it because we got new things because we wouldn't be able to have spaghetti.We wouldn't have things we would today if they never traded the things.A lot of people got rich from this. Portuguese and Spain got very rich.If you vote against it slavery was a cause and land loss of people who lived there.African slaves were working on fields.They lost land because more land=Stronger Empire.People lost food because Rulers took them such as natural resources.