History of the Cell Theory

By Chaz Christ

The Cell & How it was found

Robert Hooke was the first to discover the cell. It was 1665 and he'd just made one of the first ever microscopes. He cut cork into very thin slices and what he saw amazed him. He saw what looked like hundreds of tiny rooms so he called them cells. Although what he saw was a step forward for science he was oblivious to its purpose and parts.

Living Cells first ever seen

Antony Von Leeuwenhoek saw the first living cell in 1674. He gave them a name meaning " little animals"

Matthias Schlieden

Matthias Schlieden looked at slide of a plant under a microscope and determined all plants are made of cells.

Theodor Schwann

Stated all animal tissue come from cells and made the first two theories.

Rudolph Virchow

Discovered cells only come from other living cells. So he concluded the cell theory

The Cell Theory

And the Men who Founded It

Because of the discoveries of Hooke, Leeuwenhoek, Schwann, schleiden, and Virchow. All scientists have come to an agreement of these facts about cells.

All living things are made of cells

Cells are made of other divided cells

Cells are the building blocks of life