South America

By Elizabeth


In South America there is the Andes Mountain range. The Amazon Rain forest is in South America.Canyons are in is South America. The largest waterfall is in the Amazon forest. Other land forms are Plateaus, low plains, peninsulas, and gorges.

Cool facts

  • Oldest rocks are found in the Patagonian plateau
  • More than 30 volcanoes form a line of "Avenue" down middle of the Ecuador
  • South America is the fourth largest continent
  • The Atlantic ocean is to the east


There are many types of animals like horses, monkeys, one kind of bear, toucans, condor, llamas, anteaters, parrots, jaguar, piranhas, the blue morpho, sloth, poison tree frog, atla, cats, wolfs, fox, raccoon, Porcupine, puma, coati, and more!