sedona haddad

hey. i go to a school called bridle ridge. i have blonde hair and am 11 years old. i have two siblings, their names are sam and charlotte. my moms name is heather, but obviously i call her mum. my favorite thing to do is talk or walk around my house with my bird on my shoulder, and listen to one direction. one direction is my favorite boy band ever, they are great people and they hate the title. anyway... this is not about them. So, my favorite color is orange, i play volleyball and softball, and I listen to music all the time.... my favorite artists are one direction, Katy Perry, Adele, and Bruno Mars. but my favorite song is probably perfect two, i love it cause it is soooo cute!

Perfect Two - Now Available on ITunes!
i love drawing! i even drew this picture of Marcel off of one directions 'best song ever' music video! another major thing about me, I LOVE NERDS!!!!!

left to right; Marcel/harry veronica/Zayn Harvey/Niall Jonny/Louis Leroy/Liam

this is what i do in the car when i am board.

lol! i am seriously crazy