My birthday wish...

Amazing people having amazing conversations about WA

This year I have a birthday wish and I'm not going to keep it a secret!

My wish is for amazing people to have amazing conversations that enable us to re-imagine Western Australia.

If you would like to be involved in any way send me a message. You can also follow the conversation on


I am passionate about:

  • Money flowing towards good people, good places and good food
  • Good people coming together for good conversations
  • WA being a healthy and vibrant place for all

So this was my ideal birthday wish.

The instructions are simple:

1. Choose someone that you want to have a RePerth conversation with (it can be a relative, a friend, or someone you’ve always wanted to exchange thoughts with)

2. Choose a place to invite them (think local/organic)

3. Download or print your copy of the RePerth questions (photo below)

4. Host your conversation to reimagine Western Australia

5. Email me or post something directly on Facebook (can be an insight, a photo, an art piece, essay, a photo of notes on a napkin...use your imagination)

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The questions...

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