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We can't always take our classes where we would like to go on a field trip. The moon...while a potentially very cool field trip...is still a bit out of our reach for a day's excursion. The very logistics of lunch on the moon would make the trip any teacher's nightmare in short order. So what's a 21st Century teacher to do with a class of 21st century scholars? Explore the many options for a virtual field trip!

Virtual Field Trips

There are A LOT of options available on the web for virtual field trips. You can take your class to various locations around the world or even to space. You can also take your kids to various museums all around the world. Many factories offer virtual field trips on their websites. Do a search in your browser or on Pinterest and watch the list of options emerge. Here are a few to start:

A Treasury of Virtual Field Trips

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Digital Virtual Field Trips

Integrate your standards while you are visiting! Have kids make a list of the questions they have as they visit various locales. Then have them do a close read and have a collaborative conversation around what they find. Groups could work together and share out what they learn with the class! Have kids write opinion pieces on why one should visit one place over another, or a narrative of their visit, or perhaps some postcards home...arrange around the room for open house and voila!

For those of us who are not opposed to hamming it up click here for a kids passport template.

Google Cardboard

Perhaps you remember the Viewmaster of old? With a click of your finger you were visiting places real and imagined. Google cardboard works in something the same way except that it is more of a 3D experience. While looking through the viewer you can turn and see the view in 360 degrees! The cardboard viewer can be purchased through Amazon for about $10 a viewer. You do need to have access to a smartphone, which is loaded in a compartment in the Cardboard viewer. The app that you'll need is a free download.

Google Expeditions uses the Google Cardboard technology to create a virtual field trip experience where each of your students are given a cardboard and a "guide" from Google takes the kids on their trip! Sign up on their website and the "guide" will come with the supplies necessary. Sign up quick though, as spots fill up!

Mystery Skype

Mystery Skype is essentially a guessing game where you connect with other classes or speakers from around the world. Students prepare and ask a series of questions to determine where in the world the other class is located or what the guest speaker's role may be. There are portals to find and connect with another class on the website. Critical thinking, research skills, and writing standards can easily come together in this activity!
Mystery Skype: Teaching with Technology to Connect Students Worldwide