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May 15th Newsletter

Principal's Message

This week was one to remember! Patriot games, 8th grade week, 8th grade ceremony...it was so much fun. Hats off to our team of teachers and staff that made it all possible. From celebrating wins during patriot games, to volunteering their Friday night for the 8th grade dance, this week would not have been possible without them. I would also like to give a special shout out to our PE/Health department for making Patriot Games happen!

We look forward to keeping these Peachtree traditions going next year and continuing to build school pride along the way. Our students worked very hard to keep their grades up and maintain positive behavior to be able to attend. Not only are these events fun, but they also promote student success. Thank you PTSO, parent volunteers and all who contributed to this week!

End of Year Information

Last Week of School

Monday - Normal schedule

Tuesday - Normal schedule, Day 1 of Device Collection (during the school day)

Wednesday - Normal schedule, Day 2 of Device Collection (during the school day)

Thursday - Normal schedule, No backpacks

Friday - Early release schedule (below), No backpacks

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Device Collection

  • Please remove personal stickers, name tags, etc., but do not tamper with the bar code information as this may affect the check-in process.

  • Be sure to save any needed documents to another location prior to device check-in.

  • Be sure your device and charger are in good condition.

For virtual students: Bring your school device and/or school hotspots to school for check-in on Monday, May 16th - Thursday, May 19th between the hours of 9:00 – 12:00 noon at front entrance of the school.

Medication Pick-Up

  1. If your child has medication in the clinic, please come to the front office to pick it up by Friday, May 20th - 4:00pm.
  2. Attention all 7th grade families - the Georgia Dept. of Public Health requires a school immunization audit of all 7th graders in October. This summer is a great time to check with your pediatrician or health clinic to be sure your child is up-to-date on all immunizations.
  3. If your child will need medication at school next year, please visit the parent resources page on our school site or click here to locate medication forms that require a doctors signature for both prescription and non-prescription medications. An annual carry form is not necessary if you provided Peachtree a copy in previous years. 9th graders will need new carry forms and medication authorization forms for high school.


We have 100 more yearbooks to sell. First come, first served!

Yearbooks should be delivered to us on Monday, July 18th, 2022. Yes, that’s during the summer. We will inform everyone when the yearbooks arrive for distrubtion.


To order your very own yearbook go to Jostens.com

Summer Programs

Please consider the summer programs listed below. Most are free and help prevent "summer regression" of learning. We want students to have fun this summer while still practicing key skills for school.

Student Spotlight: Caroline Mowbray and Lucy Ruark

Seventh-graders Caroline Mowbray and Lucy Ruark planned a lesson for their social studies class and taught their classmates about the Daniel Ellsberg and the leak of the Pentagon Papers. The presentation was delivered as an end-of-year extension project.

Caroline and Lucy taught a mini-lesson to build students' background knowledge about Daniel Ellsberg (once called "the most dangerous man in America") and how he and the Pentagon Papers were connected to the Vietnam War. The students in the class then created their own newspapers by selecting 3 photos and writing to explain how each photo connected to the lesson. Caroline and Lucy had a model, a rubric, and an exit ticket for the assignment, as well!

Their social studies teacher, Heather Gillingham, told Caroline and Lucy she is "stealing" their strategy to use with students next year.

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Art Spotlight: Ukrainian Art

Our art students have gone above and beyond to create art pieces of the Ukrainian flower: sunflower. The art decorates our hallway in yellow and blue, the country's flag colors. Thank you to our art teacher, Ms. Newton, as well!

Learning Spotlight: Ms. Simons' 8th grade Science Class

Students chose a unit of science covered durning the year and created a learning poster project. They decided how to cover the topics for the unit and planned their strategies for dividing up the work. The objective was to make the subtopics of the unit clear enough to others and to connect content so someone who knows nothing about the unit could learn the concepts from looking at their posters. Students viewed each other's projects while participating in a gallery walk.

Team Spotlight: Soccer

Our last newsletter was supposed to feature photos of our soccer teams that didn't post. Our boys and girls worked so hard this season and we wanted to be sure they got the recognition they deserve. Check out the footage and photos of the teams below!
Peachtree Girl's Soccer Penalty Kick During Playoffs 2021-22

Club Spotlight: Best Buddies

Thank you to our student participants and club sponsor, Ms. Maddux, for a great Best Buddies Club experience during our second semester of school. Our students were able to work together on crafts and play outside. It was a great experience for all involved!

Call all rising 8th and 9th graders!

Do you love running? Or are you interested in learning to run? 8th grade students at Peachtree Middle have the opportunity to join the Dunwoody High School Wildcat Cross Country team next fall.

Come to an interest meeting after school on Tuesday, May 17th in the Media Center to learn about the DHS XC Team, meet the Coaches and Captains and find out about summer training.

We hope to see you there!

To find out more about XC, please check our website, which will continue to be updated over the summer. https://dunwoodycrosscountry.weebly.com

PAC Upcoming Meetings

Our last PAC meeting for this school year will be held Thursday, May 19th at 7:15am.

Meetings are offered hybrid. In-person will be in our conference room. Virtual link is included in our agendas below. All families are welcome to join and listen. To participate in the meeting, non-PAC members are able to speak during public comment.

The final agenda (once the council approves) and the minutes will be posted on our school website following the meeting.


You can also find information on each of our members and the schedule of meetings for the remainder of the year. All are welcome to join and listen in!

summer school programs

We are very excited to share all the incredible summer school opportunities available for our students! Please click the links below to see the multiple options:
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Use the PDF files below to click the REGISTER links.

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Attention all softball players

Community Resources

Dunwoody High School Summer Fencing Camp

When: June 13th-17th from 9:00AM-12PM

Where: Dunwoody High School

Fee: $250

Interested in fencing and learning a new sport? No previous fencing experience required and equipment will be provided. Snacks and a Camp T-Shirt will be given.

Open to 6th-12th grade students.

En garde!

To register please click here:


The Pave Foundation**

The Pave Foundation, Inc. is excited to share that our signature “Preparing Our Girls for Center Stage” STEAM Summer Camp will be held July 11 – 15, 2022 at The Commons, First Congregational Church, UCC, 125 Ellis Street, Downtown Atlanta.

If you know a girl aged 10 – 14, we would love to have her (and a friend) spend this special week with us. We are partnering with STEM Compass and have planned a safe, fun, challenging affordable week of STEM programming, dance, personal and leadership development. A few limited camperships will be made available.

Here is the registration link: https://www.thepavefoundation.org/events/2022camp.

Please pass along this information to neighbors, friends, family and schools.

Gail Tusan Washington
Founder and Chair, Board of Directors
The Pave Foundation, Inc.


Wealthy Habits Summer Camp**

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** While these community resources are shared in this newsletter, they have not been vetted or endorsed by DCSD or Peachtree MS. Please consider any participation or content of these resources as voluntary and not attributed to DCSD or Peachtree MS.

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