Assessment for Learning

Nekeeya Brewster


1.Analytical, conceptual, info management, communication, and mega cognitive

2.Engineering effective class discussion, tasks, and activities

3.Provide feedback that moves learners forward

4.Activating students as learning resources for one another

5.Activating students as owners of their own learners

My Ideas

uI think formative assessments are easier for students to understand. From my own experiences I find it easier for me to understand materials when I have a lot of informative formative I use to create my own summary. I think teachers providing summaries for the students make it difficult to understand because they only have a summarized versions instead of a full detailed formative version.

How Ideas Could Implement and Effective Classroom

Formative assignments can be effective in a classroom because the students gets all the information needed to make their own summaries. It allows teachers to have effective class discussions and activities to help students understand. Summative assignments can be effective if the teacher summarizes the lesson using film clips. The lessons can be used for dialogues between the student and the teacher.


Students are more attentive when they have to pay attention and raise their hands. According to the video, hands up only lets students ask questions (Rystad, 2013, April). Letting students learn for one another gives leadership which helps with learning the 21st century skills. From a personal experience I learned best when I was taught by other students in my class because I felt comfortable and not afraid to ask questions. Strategy four states, “Activate students as learning resources from one another” (Rystad, 2013, April).