News from 4th Grade

Week of 12/5 - 12/9

News at a Glance

  • Reminder: The last day of school before the holiday break will be Friday, December 23rd. It is also an early dismissal day.
  • We are running low on Expo dry-and-erase markers in our classroom. We would greatly appreciate if you could donate some to our classroom.
  • We will not be completing our Journey's story the last week before holiday break. Instead, I will have parents come into class to read a story. Be on the lookout for a signup sheet to go home this week!

Book Buddies

We still visit our book buddies every cycle day 2. Our book buddies are first graders in Miss Becker's first grade class! This is a great opportunity for the kids to be good citizens and role models for the younger students at Lingle, and is also an opportunity for them to practice their reading fluency

What we're learning this week

Reading: Journey's

Nature created spectacular places, plants and animals. This week we're going to read about one of the most spectacular wildernesses left on the planet in the narrative nonfiction selection: Antarctic Journal: Fourth Months at the Bottom of the World. And in the information text Cold, Cold Science, we'll read about research American scientists are performing at the Palmer Station in Antarctica. As we read, we'll ask, "How are the different parts of an ecosystem connected?"

Vocabulary words: display, alert, weariness, fractured, standards, vision, huddle, graceful, stranded, concluded

Vocabulary strategy: Greek and Latin word parts spect, struct, tele and vis

Comprehension Skill: Sequence of events - tell the order in which things happen

Comprehension Strategy: summarize - telling or writing down the most important ideas in a selection

Math: Fractions

Next week we will continue working on adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. We will also begin adding and subtracting fractions that use mixed numbers!

Fluency: We have finished our 0-12 multiplication fluency facts for our quizzes!! This week, we will begin our division facts for fluency. We will begin with 0-2 facts. A study guide packet went home today with practice facts and flashcards.

Social Studies: Map Skills

We will continue practicing our geography skills until the holiday break! Next week's skills will get more complex to include different types of maps (political, population, elevation, etc), map scales, continents, oceans and cities in PA!

Salt Dough Maps

This week we concluded our Salt Dough Maps with an in-class project. Each student used Educreations app on an iPad to create an explanatory text about their maps. Information included a legend, naming and describing each region, highlighting and describing one major river.

Family Traditions during Morning Meeting

For homework this weekend/week, I've asked the students to complete this holiday traditions page (attached). Here they will write about what their family does during the holiday season. We will take some time each day until holiday break to share about our family and their traditions. Please feel free to send along pictures as well! If you would like to email me electronic pictures, I'll make sure it is shared with the class.

This is a great opportunity for our students to see what things they have in common when celebrating holidays and also how some people may have different ways of celebrating the same or different holiday. We are always trying to learn more about each other and how differences in our classroom are embraced!

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Field Trip: January 10th

On Tuesday, January 10th our class will be taking our first field trip to the Pennsylvania Farm Show! See more information here:

We will need many chaperones for this field trip! If you are available and interesting in attending, please send me an email so we can double check that the school has you on their volunteer list!