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Rising together as #OneAIESECinVIT

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Hello beautiful people :)

The last 3 months have been very hectic but at the same time I hope each one of you have learned something new about yourself and have done something out of your comfort zone.
Most importantly I hope each one of you had a lot of fun and found a new family away from home. This is the most important bit. Its these relations that you make that teach you the most and help you all throughout, not just AIESEC but life.
I've been inspired by you. How you guys without knowing each other within 3 months came together as close as a family and have achieved soo much. Don't let this die. This is what sets AIESEC in VIT apart from the rest of the LCs. This is what is unique about us.
Lets continue with this spirit and lets nail any and everything that we participate in.
All the best for your exams :)

From your very own,
Aditya Panjabi


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Global Citizen Students

1. GCS:
  • 71 raises.

2. IR:

  • 47 Matches on system and rest are in progress.
  • The number of matches have been maximum in history of AIESEC-VIT.

3. CRM:

  • 1 EP lunch was organized.
  • An impactful outgoing preparation seminar was organized for the EPs.

Global Talent

1. GTS and GE:
  • 5 Raises.
  • 3 Matches and the rest are in progress.

2. GTO:

  • 1 EP has been realized from the last cycle.
  • 1 New contract has been signed and 3 are in progress.

3. IR:

  • 3 GE raises have been matched
  • IR has expanded outreach to 6 new countries.

Talent Management

1. TM CELL and battery percentages are on point.

2. Successful countdown campaign for JNC was established.

3. Humans of Exchange and Go Global gave a platform to the iXPs to share their experiences.

4. An IDP survey was released for the whole LC.

5. Feedback from each member and one-on-ones with each team has been successfully taken.

6. A successful session was taken on Virtual Training and Net Promoters Score.

7. 12 iXPs are raised for the summer.


1. GCS,GT and GE product marketing is being done via posters regularly on the Facebook page.

2. We have 51 GCS leads and 33 GT leads from marketing so far.

3. GTO Project marketing is being done on the Facebook groups.

4. On ground campaign for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals was carried out accompanied by a small campaign for the same on Instagram.

5. Personalized marketing for GCS and GT both was carried out leading to increased outreach of about 100 likes on the Facebook page.


1. Annual General Meet was financially successful, raised 10K.

2. Local financial policy is ready.

3. 30K was raised from April Local Congress.

4. Got sponsorship for the Local Conference.

5. 100% ODs and classroom permissions from the University.


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Leadership Development Summit was held on 14th February, 2016 at Annamalai Residency, wherein, all the newly recruited members were familiarized with the organization, its working and the culture. They were also divided into their respective teams.

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March National Conference was held from 9th to 12th March'16 in Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli. It was the first national conference for AIESEC in VIT as an LC and it witnessed a delegation of 14 members. It was a learning session on a whole, for each department. The strategies discussed in the conference were such that the LC goals were aligned with AIESEC India goals.

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National Leadership Development Summit was held from 13th to 15th March'16, in Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Total 34 New Recruits went for the conference. Every new recruit was given a magnanimous experience filled with knowledge and wisdom on leadership and personal development.


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April Local Congress was the first ever Local Conference for AIESEC in VIT. It was held at Purple Resorts, Auroville, Pondicherry from 15th to17th April'16. It gave a platform for the whole LC to come together and plan new strategies for achieving targets for JNC.


"A feeling of Accomplishment is to be sought after rather than a feeling of Pride." - Karan Sawhney


Thankyou for delivering such a beautiful conference!
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Brought together by a goal and a vision,
This diverse unity is our mission.
We do not share blood nor similarities,
We are different individuals who value each other regardless of the backgrounds and culture.
The variety of beliefs and thoughts create this beautiful sculpture.
There is nothing else we want to be.

We are #OneAIESECinVIT


This was one of the most important sessions, in which the local committee was divided into four fictitious local committees, each elected their own presidents and vice presidents.

This was followed by a collection of raises and matches, very similar to how a normal LC works. The FLC with the highest numbers was awarded the best LC.

This session gave each one of us the experience of holding a leadership position and how to deal with problems and handle responsibilities accordingly. It also gave each one of us an opportunity to explore the Front Office.

The best FLC was awarded to Team Lakshya with FLCP, Aaditya Tiwari!


"Work hard in silence, let your success make the noise. "

-Aaditya Tiwari, FLCP


"Nothing haunts us like the things we don't say."


"Don't be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else."


"Life is not always about winning. It is about learning.
It is not the destination that matters, but the journey that makes an experience.
I have always tried to make the most out of each moment, each opportunity that came my way. In my journey, I made beautiful memories, great experiences, helpful lessons, lot of knowledge and most importantly a wonderful bunch of friends I'll hold dear to my heart.
I owe my award to everyone who is a part of my memory. That is all my Friends
❤️ "


Safarnama was one intense session in ALC'16 conducted by our very own President, Aditya Panjabi. He described the life of a young boy, how he came across various ups and downs in life, first with the frightened mindset but learning from each and every failure, coming out as a changed yet stronger human being. Going for an exchange was one of his biggest moments and has made him what he is today.

"If you are not afraid of anything, then what is stopping you from growing disruptively?"


"So let's go to JNC with love in our hearts , being articulate and ambitious about our goal, with compassion and being warm within ourselves.

As ONE! Yes "ONE" to the most literal sense of the word.

One for all and all for one. To show them that we matter and we are the new CHANGE."

-Debalik Sarkar

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April Local Conference 2016, Closing Video.


A guy who is presently the senior most member in the organisation, who has seen AIESEC in VIT grow from an IG to an LC all the way through, the most experienced member in GCS, the "Walking Encyclopedia" and has himself gone for an exchange, the guy who always makes everyone smile and has created so many leaders and inspired many.

Presenting to you, his AIESEC journey from the very beginning.

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The Megalomaniacs

My AIESEC journey began in 2012, my first year of college, when I attended the AIESEC recruitments for the first time. I was rejected at the group discussion stage itself.

In August, 2013, I once again attended the recruitments. At this time, AIESEC VIT did not have any marketing strategy, and I was lucky to have seen one of the posters put up for the recruitments. I was selected into the OGX department. AIESEC VIT had only two departments, Exchange and Exchange Support. OGX was the exchange department and I was put under Akshat Vijay, Team Leader of Matching.

Matching, then, was very different. As there was barely any exchange of mails, we woke up to alarms at odd hours of the night so we could send messages, on Facebook or text, or call people in different countries according to their convenience. It taught me to work without any sleep.

At the end of the cycle, we had raised around 11 people, matched 8 of them and all 8 had gone on exchange. December, 2013 was also the time I went on my exchange to South Africa. I was really low in my life at that point, but the exchange brought me back.

In 2014, we had fresh recruitments. This was when the current legends of AIESEC VIT were brought in; Aditya Panjabi, Vishal Apte, Abhiroop Garg, Archit Sinha.

One of these new recs also would go on to become the current LCP of AIESEC in VIT.

I had a pretty disappointing cycle, as I couldn’t really get numbers. I also applied for a TL position but performed horribly in the interview and did not get it.

In August, 2014, we were invited to the August LCong organised by AIESEC in Chennai. This was my first conference experience. The aggression and energy of the small AIESEC VIT delegation compared to the Chennai hosts was insane. The entire plen shook as we entered shouting our roll call, wearing lungis and jiving to Ray Bomb. During the awards night, I was pleasantly surprised by my nomination in best exchanger and shocked when I won it.

The rest of the cycle went pretty uneventfully.

In January, 2015, we began to completely revamp the organisation. I was selected as an oGC Team Leader in the Megalomaniacs, the body which started the organisation towards becoming an LC. I got my first team, three of whom now sit at the same MB table as I do. I attended YLC, the only national conference held for exclusively MB members ever in the history of AIESEC India.

I also attended MarCong 2015, organised by AIESEC in Chennai, which acted as a second induction for our new recruits, many of whom are now on the EB or MB. The conference made me revisit not working without sleep, having sessions at 3am in the night and playing kabaddi in a sand pit to stay awake. I was also on a Task Force to see the feasibility of starting GT in the organisation.

The cycle had its ups and downs, multiple fights but the team stood through it. Ultimately, we did not become an LC in JNC, but we had given a stable foundation for the next team to build on.

In July, I applied for the position of EEP; didn’t get it, applied for EEVP; didn’t get it. I stayed on as a MB member in The Bucking Fastards, as TL of Matching and IR in oGC. I was given space to do what I felt like with my team which led to us winning the Best Team award in RnR. We had a good cycle, breaking matching records once more. Once again three of my members went on to lead teams of their own in the next cycle.

Summer 2016 was my last cycle for AIESEC in VIT. I stayed on as a MB member in The Goaldiggers. This last cycle was more about giving back than taking from the organisation.

All in all, I’ve spent three years in the organisation, and I would not have survived my college life without it. I found purpose, love and family here. I came quietly, shook up a storm at times, hung in the shadows sometimes, had my hands in too many pots all the time, and I left quietly, just as it should be. :')


  • Apoorv Mehrotra for designing and carrying out an amazing EP kit.
  • Aditya Ravi for raising 40K and getting sponsorship from In-Kind.
  • Saketh Reddy for getting a raise and a match on the same day in GT.
  • Debalik Sarkar for getting 309 Youth Speak Survey filled.
  • Vandan Mamlani for making a beautiful ALC'16 closing video.

So here we complete our first cycle as an LC, wherein we had 2 National Conferences and we conducted our first ever local conference successfully. This cycle had its own ups and downs but we stayed together united. Thank you to each and every member for their contribution and support throughout.

So lets bond stronger than ever before as #OneAIESECinVIT.

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