Austin's 5 Themes of Geography

Summer Lindsey

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The picture represents relative location. The picture shows that Austin is north of San Antonio and south of Dallas but does not give any absolute location.

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The State Capitol is a popular tourist attraction in Austin and represents a human characteristic. An example of a physical characteristic of Austin, Texas is the climate. In the summer months, the average temperature is around 95 degrees, in the fall it is around 70 degrees, in the winter it is around 50 degrees, and in the spring the average is around 70 degrees.

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Sources of movement in Austin are cars, trains, planes, etc. In the picture, the cars on the Pennybacker Bridge represent movement, as cars are the number one source of transportation in Austin.
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Austin, Texas is located in the Texas Hill Country. The picture represents the different regions of Texas.

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Human Environment Interaction

The picture above represents Human Environment Interaction because the cranes are used for construction, which has a negative effect on the environment.