Mrs. Limke's Update #22

A taste of Spring!

Message from Mrs. Limke...

A few important updates (all are the same from last week :) ...

- We have two field trips coming up. We will go to Citibank on Friday, March 28th for a fun economics program. We will then go to McDonalds for lunch. Permission slips and info were sent home last week. The cost is $2 for the bus plus money for McDonalds. Please send this money in with the permission slip! It is due by March 21st. We will not need chaperones for this field trip. We are also going to the Freedom Center April 17th. Chaperones will be needed for this trip and more info will come soon!

- We've been using the Behavior Notice system for a while now. If a student ends the day on blue or lower, he/she brings home a notice for you to sign. In March, we've added something to this. If a student receives 3 notices in one month, he/she will receive a detention. As always, if a student ends the day on pink, it is an automatic detention. We are getting closer to 6th grade and the students need to step it up and work to higher expectations of academics, behavior and responsibility. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this.

- FYI to parents - at the March PTO meeting, Title I will be discussed, if you'd like to attend.

Please see below for more updates. Also, make sure to check out our! :)

What We're Learning...

Writing: We are working on On-Demand writing, step by step. We are starting with pre-writing and students will be guided through this process to ensure they understand every aspect. They will then be given practice on their own.

Math: This week we have reviewed fractions with word problems using all four operations. We've identified the key words in a problem which tell us what to do, and practiced solving them. We will continue to review fractions during intervention, but next week we move on to Algebra patterns and graphing!

Reading: We have done a lot of fun assignments with point of view! Next week we will discuss different types of text structures and then move on to a unit about non-fiction.

Social Studies: The Revolutionary War is over! We took our test on Wednesday and will begin studying the constitution and government today. Next week, students will receive an assignment to memorize and recite the preamble.

Intervention: Students spend time in reading and math intervention doing different activities - some independent, some in small groups and some with Mrs. Limke. We are reviewing some skills from math and reading and also working on projects.

Reminders & Other Info...

*Students should be bringing home their ROCKET binders every night. At the end of the day, they fill out what color they've ended on and if they were on blue or lower, they must explain why. The rocket folder in their binder is for papers that can stay home. The red folder is for homework and the third folder is for in progress classwork.

*Agendas and reading logs must be signed by a parent/guardian every night!

*If you haven't taken care of school fees yet, please remember to do so ASAP.

*Students may bring in a water bottle (for water only) to use during the school day.