Dolly Parton

Someone who never gives up.

Persoil Info

Dolly was born on January 19 in 1946. Her full name is Dolly Rebecca parton. Dolly is the youngest in family. Dolly is a tom boy. One time tried to clime a fence and cut her foot so bad that her mom had to sew it together. Sometimes Dolly use to use berries for makeup and bracelets. Dolly is very talented and a great singer.

Dolly is famous for...

Dolly is the reason for Dollywood and Dollywood is a vary big amusement park.It is locked in Pigeon Forge TN. Dolly is also famous for the movie and song coat of many colors. Dolly sings at the grand old opry in Nashville TN. She created the Imagination library ;).
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Interesting Facts

Dolly has very strong faith in God.Dolly encourages others to be themselves. One of Dolly's quotes are "If you see someone without a smile give them yours." She also had big dreams and side "Dream dig and dig things will happen."