Narmin Ali

Hi all,

My name is Narmin Ali and I am a mother of 4 kids living in Kurdistan, Iraq at the moment. I recently started working part time at Isik Gulan School in Kurdistan, teaching the Cambridge English course.


I was born in Kurdistan, grew up in Iran and I lived in Australia. I have recently moved back to Kurdistan with my family. So I am familiar with many different cultures as I have met so many different people around the world.

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee learning languages -- Currently I speak Kurdish, Arabic, English, Persian and I am trying to learn Turkish. Also I know alittle bit of sign language - Auslan.

Sadly, I just lost my husband recently and it is very hard raising 4 kids in Kurdistan but I am trying my hardest to continue my studies, work and life. My husband recently became Doctor of the year in one of the Medical Journals

I had a hard time making this task as we don't have any electricity for 8 hours during the day here in Kurdistan, but thank god I managed :)