Canada brochure

By:Kyle Chen

Where do people live in Canada and why

Most people live near the Canadian border line of the U.S. because of 2 reasons.

1st reason

One reason is climate, climate at the border line is exceptionally warm. This is why many people live in the southern part of Canada. In the southwestern and southeastern part of Canada the land gets very little rainfall, in the winter the temperature can reach into the negatives. So the people that doesn't live on the border line gets harsh weather.

2nd reason

The second reason is because of the trading between the U.S. and Canada. When Canada and the U.S. trade,it gives out more jobs for people. So 9/10 of the people that live at the border line might have a job but the other 1/10 of the people that doesn't live at the border line might not have a job.

Quebec's Independent movement

Quebec's independence movement

The British won the French and Indian war and got the upper half of Canada. A little while later the French Canadians thought of themselves as Quebecois. By this time most people spoke English instead of French. This led many French Canadians to believe that their culture and language would disappear. Seperatist wanted to be independent from Canada to preserve their culture and etc. Those who did not want to seperate thought that being independent would cause an economic disaster. When people of Quebec voted, the votes to stay in Canada won. I think the future holds great things for Quebec. I think that Quebec is going to end up staying in Canada and everybody in Canada in going to be happy.

Map of Canada

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